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Emergency call from mother in law as her (unmaintained) fence suffered in the overnight gales.

Having spent an hour in the effing freezing cold I am still wondering why it is my problem.

i did stop short of mentioning that flats don’t have fences that blow over.


I am Grasshopper!
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Had a text from the NHS telling me my quarantine period was over.
Went to mass.
SORN’d the Triumph.
Transferred private plate onto Triumph.


Been there, and had one
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Went out for walkies, and it wasn’t really cold and barely a breeze. What a transformation from yesterday.

now I’m adding a load of CDs to my iTunes on the PC - they all disappeared when I had a problem with the main hard drive and fitted an SSD


Can't remember....
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Ate the lovely fresh warm apple tart my neighbour gave me. Scrumptious.

derek kelly

The Deli lama
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Went into Barnsley to get a Christmas present for Bev, took Tilly to Maccy Dees or Dondons as she calls it. Went to Joe’s Rugby club as they were doing a Christmas fund raiser.

Duck n Dive

Rebel without a clue ...
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Back to the farm shop today.

Order Christmas turkey and a gammon joint to be collected Christmas eve morning