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Well someones gotta start !

Discussion in 'Owners Bikes' started by Jaws, Feb 6, 2003.

  1. Jaws

    Jaws Corporal CockUp Staff Member Moderator Club Sponsor

    Should I post a pic of my Blackbird XR3 ??
    How about a shot of the undertray.. Now how exciting is that ! LOL!

    Oh and I know I am gonna get a slap for this, but what the hell !
    I have been working on the main site for 15 hours straight, so reckon I deserve a little slack anyways :}
    Its no secret that I run Jaws Motorcycles.. been specialising in Bird goodies for yonks now, and carry most of the stuff in stock.
    Screens, huggers, extendas, shrooms and plugs ( no surprise there ! )..
    Plus, if you just need help or advice with gear, no matter where you get it from, I, as always will be happy to try and help in any way I can....... JAWS MOTORCYCLES

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  2. fat bert

    fat bert Guest

    Damm shame about~~

    The colour though!!!

    and just look at those chicken strips!!!

  3. russ_fae_fyvie

    russ_fae_fyvie Been there, and had one Club Sponsor

    Well !

    I ain't gonna post any more piccys of mine on here cos I know I'll be banned !!!

    BUT !

    In a few weeks time I'll have fitted a few extra tarty bins'n'pieces and so you can look forward to Mk 2 !!!

    White clock faces (purple lights and needles)
    Purple anodised rear foot pegs
    Polished rear footrest/exhaust hangers
    Polished foot brake and gear levers
    Clear rear brake light cover and LED light
    Clear rear indicator covers and LED lights
    New ponsy number plate

    Anyone know where I can get some waterproof furry dice !!

  4. D.S.

    D.S. Registered User Read Only

    Bert, I'd like to see the chicken strips on your rear tyre.

    I bet KFC would struggle to compete with you :}
    My tarts hang bag additions consist of a pair of Akrapovic end cans, a Harris carbon rear hugger and R&G crash things (which double as forward footrests). Just got a new plate made up @ Ally Pally which is now on the bike (old piccy attached). I also recently bought a polishing kit, but have only done the heel plates to date. The end cans are soon (when the weather changes) to be replaced by a 4-1 system with an oval carbon end can (titanium = nice, but not practical). Once that's on, then it's a PCII and front springs courtesy of PDQ.
    Last edited: Dec 30, 2009
  5. KevKing

    KevKing Birdman of Alcopops Read Only

    add on goodies

    Cant seem to find a suitable rear rack and/or single seat cowl - you got any ideas?
    PS My Yoshi 4-1 sounds the dogs but had to shop around for friendly MoT station!
  6. russ_fae_fyvie

    russ_fae_fyvie Been there, and had one Club Sponsor


    Tis is a Rentec rack, its ok for general soft luggage but I'm looking at replacing it for a Givi system for the summer touring trips, but will take it off again for day to day use.

    The Rentec rack was sprayed to suit the paint job, I think it came in black originally.


  7. R2B2

    R2B2 Registered User Read Only

    Russ fae Fyvie

    From what I can see above, your bike looks very sweet to the eye. I'm looking forward to seein' a full pic of it soon like you said in another thread.

    Any chance of a rear view (!) of the clear lens and LED as well.

    Don't wait too long now...!!
  8. russ_fae_fyvie

    russ_fae_fyvie Been there, and had one Club Sponsor


    got the new plate this week so will get a photo of the arse end at the weekend and post it, I think it looks cool, but then I would wouldn't I !!

    (hey, the the fook are you calling wooden eye, fook face !:neenaw: Sorry, old joke !! )

  9. bUSA Man

    bUSA Man Guest

    Hello Jaws, 'sup??

    I went to your web site..... nice BUSA on the home page, same color as mine, must be a 03?

    Getting a rear fender eliminator kit put on my BUSA as we speak, I'll pick it up after work.

  10. Bruce Wayne

    Bruce Wayne Registered User Read Only

    hope it's bigger than this one....
    It's there somewhere...


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  11. Bob Pinder

    Bob Pinder Registered User Read Only


    nice arse!
  12. Pietro

    Pietro Registered User Read Only

    How come the plethora of standard cans?, hasn't anyone got any highlevels?, preferably of the loud type :}
  13. blumeeni

    blumeeni Registered User Read Only

    Like these you mean
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2009
  14. bajjer9

    bajjer9 Registered User Read Only

    Damn those blue flames are nice!! Heres my MIGS for those that havent seen em


  15. blumeeni

    blumeeni Registered User Read Only

    Funny looking Avon's you got on there John and just look at the chicken strips on em :lol: :lol:
  16. Kenzie

    Kenzie Registered User Read Only

    what clour? if PINK then bert will have some :p
  17. mike2000r

    mike2000r Registered User Read Only

    luggage rack

    anybody have experience of the clever looking luggage rack advertised on the blackbird spares website? i am thinking of getting a set if they are any good.
  18. mike2000r

    mike2000r Registered User Read Only

    what screen is that on your bird blumeeni? i am 6ft (height that is!)and struggling a bit with the standard screen. :h
  19. blumeeni

    blumeeni Registered User Read Only

    Think it's a Pyramid plastics one if I remember correctly Jaws and 1200Pete do em
  20. Jaws

    Jaws Corporal CockUp Staff Member Moderator Club Sponsor

    Sent ya a mail Mike :p

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