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Well someones gotta start !


good looking AND modest


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good looking AND modest
a couple more


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Rolfy Dave

Been there, and had one
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ianrobbo1 said:
a couple more
Now thats my idea of a couple mate....:lick: Didnt think you were into that sort of thing:bow:

Bike nearly looks enough of an Essex bike to take on Jaws & mine...LOL

Nice though mate.:bow:




my bike got almost everything

hi again
my bike has the led rear light with the built in indicators ,clear front indicators , d bubble in blue, polished wheels with spokes sprayed blue,polished forks/swingarm/footrests front and rear,white dials,blue levers and bar ends ,blue head light cover,carbon yoke protector and tank protector and fuel cap protector,silver and blue hugger,uprated forks and spacered rear shock{ which is quite noticable when riding it } , art cans , seat cover which says cbr xx in blue and black , also have the seat cowl ,hard luggage racks { no hard luggage as of yet so not fitted }, next is the fork adjusters,or maybe the sp1 forks??? , then wavy discs, then a power commander witha full rolling road set up and if i can afford to perhaps and i say a big perhaps the turbo conversion ..................my bike is one of the best in ireland and with the exception of the wheels i have done everything myself ......just as a word of warning to anyone if you buy the led rear light with built in indicators you will have to fit another set of smaller ones because the leds are that bright when you are on the brakes you cant see the indicators , and as we wll know some volvo driver has enough problems when they can see them , i fitted a small pair and they are very bright so no chance anyone saying they didnt see me .......thats allfor now must get a good pic to send in as i am very proud of it .................thanks for a great site gives me loads of ideas ...... w;;v :bandit:


There is some deffinate good looking stuff out there ladies and gents!

I will try and upload a pic of my smart polished rims!


the single seat cowl is pretty sweet jaws its just to bad i have a corbon seat. wish they made one for that. if they did i scoop one of those up real quick, along with those res. caps.

stan the man

you are not capable
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IanMarsh151 said:
There is some deffinate good looking stuff out there ladies and gents!

I will try and upload a pic of my smart polished rims!

just to whet your appetite then,here's mine for ya


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The nut with the turbo...
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Thought I would give you a quick potted history of my bike. It is not finished yet, and these pictures only go up to about 6 months ago, so there has been more done since.
Started off as a very standard red bird, which had lived outside all of its life - therefore all the metalwork looked very shabby, had a light drop on each side, nothing broken, just scuffed everywhere... (don't have any pics of when I first got it, just after seat hump, first body mods and exhaust)
First of all, added seat cowel, Dynajet kit and full Akrapovic system, along with modified exhaust hanger and removed centre stand.
Re-anodised all the relevant metalwork, re-chromed all the chrome parts.
Then had paintwork done in heavy pearl metallic orange (changes from almost yellow to almost red in the light, but is VERY orange in the flesh), with the black metallic with blue and gold fleck, outlined in silver... (is this faster than the original red...?)
Then set out on alot of mods, pics show a few (too many bits to list, but some are here)
Full turbo conversion with intercooler, hard piping going through the frame spar. Adjustable boost controller, Bailey dump valve.
standard JMC swingarm, adjustable from stock to plus 4" (currently set at around plus 1" from stock), modified with top brace and Harris carbon hugger, Harris rear thumb brake and mini caliper, PFM rear disc.
Ohlins Grand Prix forks, Harris adjustable yokes with AP Racing 6-pot calipers, PFM narrow track discs. AP brake master cylinder / lever, AP clutch master cylinder, uprated clutch. Marchesini wheels from a 500GP bike, painted orange to match. Harris carbon front mudguard. Ohlins rear suspension.
Ohlins steering damper on custom bracketing, oil filled boost gauge, white dials with orange needles, HID headlight conversion.
Alcantara seat trim and seat hump, with embroidered 'turbo' logo (based on Porsche 'turbo')
Gilles rearsets with carbon heel plates, rear brake lever removed , Gilles clip ons, Harris fuel filler cap, many uprated engine parts, other stuff yet to come from suppliers...
Many body mods, include front indicators, (ford focus side repeaters), CBR 600 mirrors, custom side stand, clear rear with LEDs, running 200 section rear tyre, no rear pegs, removed grab rail, mini rear indicators, undertray, side exit exhaust with aluminium trim, etc.
I will post the finished article in a few weeks when it is fully done...!
Hope you like it, has taken a long time, and a lot of hard work to do... See you all at a bash sometime too I hope...!
Pics are in approximate time order...!


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    blackbird, before painting...jpg
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Fooking awesome mate - a truly X rated XX..... the most stunning Bird I've seen!

I've been promising myself Ohlins forks for mine for about two years now and have mentioned it here a few times but just never got it together (as I've done a few bits and bobs as well, but nothing engine performance). Not that I'm a riding god by any means but I just think it would look great!

I'm curious about where the turbo came from, and what is that third fluid res for??

Respect, terrific bike :bow: :bow:

Btw - I lived in Folkestone for 21 years, I wonder if I know you!? A few pics of my bike here......

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The nut with the turbo...
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R2B2 said:
I'm curious about where the turbo came from, and what is that third fluid res for??

Btw - I lived in Folkestone for 21 years, I wonder if I know you!? A few pics of my bike here......
Thanks for the compliment, has been a long time in coming...
The turbo was supplied by Jack Frost at Holeshot racing, although probably the least helpful company in the world...
Fluid reservoirs have changed to 3 mini reservoirs since that pic, as this was taken before the AP clutch was fitted... 1 for the clutch fluid, one for the rear brake (as it is a thumb operated lever) and obviously one for front brake...
I have lived in Hythe for 30 odd years, although right now I spend most of my time in Romania, will PM you when I am around, maybe meet up for a blat and a coffee...Could do with a decent length ride out...!:yo:

urs looks like a piece of kit too... Amazing how addcitive it is once you start messing with it. BTW front forks make one hell of a difference.........brok3
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barmy sarge

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w;;v Hi Jaws, Iv'e just joined this site, but having trouble getting around it at present!! how do i go about getting a pic of my bird on this system? my 53 plate is a little bit special, not your standard bird!! regards barmy sarge..
Jaws said:
Should I post a pic of my Blackbird XR3 ??
How about a shot of the undertray.. Now how exciting is that ! LOL!

Oh and I know I am gonna get a slap for this, but what the hell !
I have been working on the main site for 15 hours straight, so reckon I deserve a little slack anyways :}
Its no secret that I run Jaws Motorcycles.. been specialising in Bird goodies for yonks now, and carry most of the stuff in stock.
Screens, huggers, extendas, shrooms and plugs ( no surprise there ! )..
Plus, if you just need help or advice with gear, no matter where you get it from, I, as always will be happy to try and help in any way I can....... JAWS MOTORCYCLES


Fcuk Up Fairy
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barmy sarge said:
w;;v Hi Jaws, Iv'e just joined this site, but having trouble getting around it at present!! how do i go about getting a pic of my bird on this system? my 53 plate is a little bit special, not your standard bird!! regards barmy sarge..

Hullo there

To put up pics, I think you have to be a sponsor. There is a link in red on the menu bar to become one of those!

Have fun - try the Coffee Shop bit - total lunatics, but helpful if you need it (well, for the first few replies anyway then it decends into insanity!!!!)

:yo: :yo:


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Tis as the young Smix says.. well almost !

If you have web space you can upload your pics to that and then click on the little yellow thing above where you type ( looks like an envelope with a stamp on it ! ) and put the URL ( web address ) of where it is stored in there..
That way you can post pics without becoming a sponsor :p

But if you become a sponsor all you need do is select 'manage attachments from the extra menu you get, and select the picture from your computer you wanna post.. nice and easy :p

barmy sarge

my bird pics

Thanks smix & jaws for info.

Will try soon,

Regards barmy sarge.R#?


hi why wont it let me put a pic of my bike on

:bang: cant show off my bike >.


Fcuk Up Fairy
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Hi Cakey - you need to be a sponsor to put pics on. click on the red 'sponsor club' link above and you'll be able to do that, then you can post as many pics as you like!!! (I think!!!!)

Happy posting









good looking AND modest
Cakey have you had a look at my bike on this thread?? what do you think to the seat?? one of yours ?? :dunno: