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  1. reefer

    reefer Guest


    due to the massive sucess of "big Ron promotions" ride out bank holiday monday... the next event is in the pipeline as we speak:yo:

    July 26-27th at the isle of wight
    can peeps wishing to attend raise there hands now so we can get things rolling!
    staying overnight at prebooked accomadation
    if you cant make this date but wish to attend this sell out event then please say so we can adjust the dates etc to try and suit everyone
    we need to move quickly to secure accomadation for everyone
    i hope everyone that attended the last event will be at this one plus more!..midland mincers also welcome:blush:


    this will be a "grade 2 taking in the views" rideout:bow:
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  2. fat bert

    fat bert Guest

    Grade 2~~?

    That'll be quick for you then Reefer!!
  3. Biker Babe

    Biker Babe Registered User Read Only

    Doesn't the Isle Of White involve water and boats?????? :puke: :puke: :puke:
  4. davet

    davet Registered User Read Only

    errr GRADE 2 ????? does this mean you have to pass a test
  5. Biker Babe

    Biker Babe Registered User Read Only

    Well, just done some digging around the old posts, and if you make it a grade 3 (BB) pace I could be tempted.........:}

    Its ok for you lot, cos most of you {excluding reefer) :lol: have experience and a black bird, I on the other hand have neither!!!!


    And although I can't have a Blackbird, {due to height and licence restriction} I can't gain experience either if none gives me a chance....... Mind you I could always travel up alone and meet you there, as long as supa's up for it, not sure when he finishes work though..............

    Q supa..........
  6. reefer

    reefer Guest

    BB..your a little behind love..supas already booking tickets..ok well not quiet but hes up for it

    grade3 fook sake...ok it will be a grade3 ride there and back with a possible grade2 outing for those who wanna ride out once were there..
    bb maybe we can do the grade3 there and back then park up the kwakashitty and you go pillion with supa:dunno: ..that means
    mrs brush is gonna wanna come along on hers too:rolleyes:

    theres a wicked gaff there for grub i know..and also jetbikes on the bring shorts!:yo:
  7. reefer

    reefer Guest still at work..just spent 2 hours cleaning the bike:B
  8. EdCBRCastrol

    EdCBRCastrol Registered User Read Only

    Oooooh yes, count me in!!!

    Sarah will be away for 2 weeks for this event so will be travelling alone. Has anyone got a rough idea of accomodation, will it be B&B or Hotel, roughly how much?
    Reefer, about time you cleaned it,never heard such a poor excuse as my karcher broke, whats wrong with a hose pipe????????
  9. Biker Babe

    Biker Babe Registered User Read Only

    Firstly id know before anyone else if he was up for it.

    Secondly at least my bike is a dam site cleaner than yours :rant:

    and last but not least I ride at a pace IM comfortable with, so if I wasn't quick enough for you never fear id catch up in the end.........

    remember the story about the hare and the tortoise!!!!

    well I may be slower than everyone else but at least I get there, in one piece and with no points etc !!!...............LOL

    I've been driving for the last 18 years without so much as a parking ticket !!!!!!

    I like a blast with the next man but when the time and place is right..........:rant:

    Rant over !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  10. D.S.

    D.S. Registered User Read Only

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  11. reefer

    reefer Guest

    dunno what that last post was about:dunno: ..must be a bit of interference or something:f :p

    BB..look its agreed aint it?? class 3 rideout..happy now:f

    ed.. was gonna give it a few days to see the amount of peeps wanting to go then ill find out about the b&b, hotels etc

    BB..its only like a 15 min crossing on the ferry..the longest bit is loading and off-loading:beer:
    piece of piss to get to..i went there last year twice for sunday lunch...the food is that good:bow:
  12. Supabird1100

    Supabird1100 Registered User Read Only

    Sound'd Good to Me !!!!!

    Put our names down for it Reef !!!!!!:lick:

    If BB is gonna take her bike and is worried about not being able to keep in touch with the group......we could always set off a bit before the main pack and get a bit of a head start ? :dunno:

    Obviously with the restricted licence that BB is on she can't push her luck and risk the "dreaded points"........has to be a 'good girl' for two years to get rid of the 33bhp restriction and then up-grade her licence. :B

    And if there are jet-ski's on the beach :lick: can I feel a race coming on ?????:}
  13. Supabird1100

    Supabird1100 Registered User Read Only

    Twice Reef ???............

  14. reefer

    reefer Guest

    supa...nope wont hear of peeps going ahead..remember the golden rule of the "southern strieght liners"
    WE GO AS A GROUP WE STAY AS A GROUP....until were there of course:bow: R#?
  15. EdCBRCastrol

    EdCBRCastrol Registered User Read Only

    OK Reefer
    when you have a rough idea let me know, cheap and cheerful with a bar suits me, was just concerned in case you were booking somewhere proper posh and expensive, gotta make sure my wallet can handle it as i have a lot of expense to cover in the next few months.
    Grade 3 is it then?
    As i dont have a pillion for this one can a few of us go out to play when we get there? are there some nice roads on the island?
  16. Biker Babe

    Biker Babe Registered User Read Only


    I feel guilty now.............

    Seriously I don't want to spoil anyone's fun, so I think it only fair that if I come i'll meet you all at the ferry, that way I won't feel like im holding everyone else up, after all if its a weekend break people want fun, which I understand, and I don't wanna be the cause of spoiling it........... :bow: :bow:
  17. EdCBRCastrol

    EdCBRCastrol Registered User Read Only

    BB not on your nelly m8

    We will all ride down together at a pace that suits everyone, it's not a rideout if we dont stick together as a bunch. Besides that there is not too much fun to be had on a straight road which is what most of the ride there and back will probably be so we will sit at kwaka friendly pace there and back, if some of us want to go faster then we will have a run out round the isle once we are there.
    Dont feel guilty and dont worry about it just get on your bike and ride!!!!!!!!!:yo:
  18. reefer

    reefer Guest

    ed..yup there are some nice roads there and a few carparks where the bikes meet up!
    its only gonna be for one night so im thinking along the lines of cheap and cheerfull

    mind you.....about 15 quid will get you the biggest freshest seafood starter, tbone steak, chips, mushrooms, stilton sauce, and a nice home made pud or home made ice cream..washed down with a couple of pints of amber necter and a gotta see it to beleive it:bow:

    the jetbikes were about 20quid for half hour..i spent most of me holiday on the damm things when i was there for 2 weeks..and even had dolphins following along side me at one point!

    having said that half hour on a jet bike off shore does knacker you out anyway:yo:
    the only down point is they are kwakashittys
  19. D.S.

    D.S. Registered User Read Only

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  20. reefer

    reefer Guest

    joe...nick new it was a grade 2 rideout cos thats what it was posted as:dunno:
    he was clearly out for a grade one blat.. i new that at the first roundabout we came to even before getting on to the m25..cos the fooker pulled away from me with his arse outta the seat :eek:
    and im not slow:f ..hes just quicker:}

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