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Welcome to the "Missions Accomplished" bit~~~

Discussion in 'Missions Accomplished' started by fat bert, Jan 9, 2003.

  1. fat bert

    fat bert Guest

    In light of the challenge taken up by the Southerners to outdo the Midlands Massif in terms of rideouts, this NEW section is specifically for Post-RideOut Reports.

    Pictorial evidence should be shown as proof that a proper RideOut has been successfully completed.

    Lets call it "Missions Accomplished" Mr Zulu?

    Now what about the Northern Chappies???

    Feel free to post ya piccies and reports here - but PLEASE only use this section after the event - the Ride Out Scheduler should be used to promote/advertise/communicate forthcoming events
  2. Jaws

    Jaws Corporal CockUp Staff Member Moderator Club Sponsor

    Fookin good start .... ya cant even spell the name of the forum right ya daft arse !
    Fook going on a rideout with you lot... Gawd knows where you will end up !!
  3. Quiney

    Quiney Been there, and had one Club Sponsor

    Well, I managed...

    ... to roll the bike out of the unit yesterday (to get at something behing it!)
    Gave it a quick polish, started the engine (first prod of the button Bert!!!) and then put it away.
    Does that count as one???
  4. fat bert

    fat bert Guest

    FAO Wiz~~

    Ya dfat twta - you've splte it wrnog


    FAO Quiney - I always start at the first prod of my button!!
  5. D.S.

    D.S. Registered User Read Only

    So here it is boys, our chance to show the Northern Nancies and

    MUDland mincers that the Southern scratchers rule :yo:
    Now I'm counting on everyone of you scratchers to pull ya' fingers out 'cos me & Bert have a bet on this (he doesn't now that yet:} ) with the winnings being donated to a charity or a good cause :beer:
  6. fat bert

    fat bert Guest

    No way JoeBoy~~

    proceeds of the bet must go to the "JoeBoy-Bert-Beer-Fund" for the end-of-season Party that we have to plan!!

    Make sense???

    Final Results will be totalled at a Pi$$-up towards the end of next year?
  7. Wiz

    Wiz Guest

    Re: FAO FB~~

    No I didn't ... :f :m :}

  8. D.S.

    D.S. Registered User Read Only

    Oh, ok then Bert, you've convinced me (don't take much does it?)

    :lol: We could have an end of season do (like we did last year) somewhere in the Cotswolds and have a mileage tally up :beer: But you know they'll only be one winner - SCRATCHERS :yo:
  9. Jon and Anya

    Jon and Anya Registered User Read Only

    WRONG TITLE ya knob

    it should have been called,


    as the softies only want to report the run to the local boozer, pay ?3 a pint and claim they have had a rideout. load of crappage guys

    :f :f :f
  10. D.S.

    D.S. Registered User Read Only

    So much bravado, so much "largin" it by the.....

    MUDland mincers. We're gonna pee ourselves laughing when we trounce you're paltry mileage at the end of season gathering :f
  11. fat bert

    fat bert Guest

    OK Joeboy~~

    Challenge on

    To qualify the mileage you MUST post "untouched" piccies of before and after mileometers.

    No trickery from Barmy Ben either - we also use photoshop!!

    Must be the individuals members mileage as well so it become total milegae for the ride out [all riders]

    That's great cos we've got 13 going to Assen and 6 to Monza!!!!

    Quick calculation - reckon about 43000 miles in total - beat that!!
  12. Jon and Anya

    Jon and Anya Registered User Read Only


    would'nt have told them that yet LOL
    :lol: :lol: :lol:
  13. fat bert

    fat bert Guest


    Scare them off early!!

    Haven't told them about our "other" litte escapade yet though :lol: :lol: :lol:

    That's worth a lot more miles
  14. ianrobbo1

    ianrobbo1 good looking AND modest Club Sponsor

    southern scratcher,s ??

    ave you all got fleas then :lol: that why your calling yourselves
    scratcher,s :f

    keep the rubber side downR#?
  15. D.S.

    D.S. Registered User Read Only

    Bert my old son & all you mincers.

    Sorry to break this to you but start re-calculating 'cos if ya' only taking 6 bikes to Monza it won't count :} we agreed a minimum of 8 (eight) BLACKBIRDS :f
    Oh dear, dear, dear, looks as if I'm gonna have to keep an eye on you lot and the T&C's of the challenge!!!
  16. Bubba

    Bubba Registered User Read Only

    Working on it, oh ugly one, working on it.

    Everyday for me is a rideout. Different ways into work, different ways back! 5 months - 15k and thats not including the milage fer pleasure. The Eastern mob is having a ride out to Hunstanton on the 2nd Feb. Will hopefully post piccies and milage the following week.

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