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Today is the day for wacky conversations

derek kelly

The Deli lama
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I was out getting something from the back of my car, Melanie, my next door neighbour was walking her daughter’s dog, she started talking about the lockdown & how many books she’d read, I mentioned that I used to like reading James Herbert books Melanie replied “oh yes, I used to read his books, he hasn’t written anything for a while” I pointed out that he died a few years back, she replied “yes I know but when Elvis died he carried on writing songs”.

Bev was catching up with Facebook, Andrea, an old schoolfriend of our youngest daughter is now a teacher, she put a picture of an artificial christmas tree in the corner of her room with the text “who’d have thought I could fit a seven foot Christmas tree in my room?” Somebody else put “really? Your room didn’t look seven foot when I was there” Andrea replied “it isn’t, I had to cut ten inches off the top”