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Discussion in 'Rider Skills Help' started by MiddleAgedBiker, Apr 18, 2007.

  1. MiddleAgedBiker

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    I'm totally new to sportbikes and just got a Bird, used to ride cruisers.

    When taking a corner with a cruiser, I just push on the handlebars to turn, push on left bar to go left, and right bar to go right, this of course requires the bike to be fast enough to work, maybe 40-50kmh and up.

    I tried to do this on the bird but it does not turn as easily, I realise this could be because the bars are much shorter and don't have as much leverage as a cruiser's bars, but is this the right way to do it? Just push on the bars? Do I need to adjust the angle I push it from, like drop my elbows lower or something?

    Do I also have to shift my bodyweight or anything to make it turn? Finding it difficult to "flick" the bird from left to right or vice versa, with my past bikes all I had to do was to push firmly on the bars and it will go.

    Thanks for any advice you can give!
  2. Smix

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    other peeps have said this, but usually when they come from pure sports bikes (well the people that have told me!!). Two things, first - relax (as said in previous post)!! second - you have a sports tourer that is VERY heavy - it will flick, but that takes time to get to know the bike!

    Personally I've never found an issue with getting it round corners, but then I went from a very heavy 600 to a Bbird, so never ridden a light bike. h1d1ng2 And, the only time I decided to try shifting my bodyweight in a corner it went a bit wrong!! I've always hurtled happily round corners without shifting myself, just pushing on the bars!! :yo:

    And of course - I'm only a girl, so I'm sure someone else will be along soon with more manly advice than relax and get used to it before you 'flick-it'!!fl4g71 !!! (shut up Dufus :p !!!) :} :k
  3. dufus

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    smix=And of course - I'm only a girl, so I'm sure someone else will be along soon with more manly advice than relax and get used to it before you 'flick-it'!!fl4g71 !!! (shut up Dufus :p !!!) :} :k

    That'l do for me, the idea of smix flicking it has set me up for the day, no really ! :neenaw:

    With every different style of bike middle dear fellow there will always be an adaption period.

    I myself have just come from a gsxr 750 k7 and that was more flickable than any bean I tell you, so to go onto the bird was a small period of learning, like a car and an artic

    But I will offer you a peice of advice.... your thinking about it to much !
    Just like a woman they all ride slightly differently but it's all the same basic's

    So don't think too much about the difference just appreciate there is one and enjoy.

    The good thing about the bird( the two wheel one) is that it allows you time to learn it isn't manic, just relax and enjoy

    And Smix, girl or not, you make me giggle
  4. fatboystew5

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    I think you are right in pushing the inside bar, so push the left bar gently to help with a left turn. Don't think you need to worry about moving your body too much at first, it can help on faster corners though.

    Perhaps one of the biggest differences is going to be the extra ground clearance a blackbird has compared to a cruiser. Though of course not as much as an R1, you can lean a Blackbird over quite a long way in a turn and perhaps you are used to riding more upright on the cruisers. You could try to increase the amount of lean by pushing on the bar and moving your weight slightly to the right on a right hand bend, left for a left!

    Find a nice piece of road that has some flowing bends in and ride the same bit again and again and practice!

  5. Smix

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    good oh!!! Glad to please!!!! :k:k
  6. stan the man

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    get a gixer 750....

  7. Artemis

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    Whatever for?
  8. MiddleAgedBiker

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    Great ideas, will do that!
  9. fatboystew5

    fatboystew5 Registered User Read Only

    MAB, how are you getting on with the bike now? Not had any updates for a while!! p0pc0rn41
  10. Old Wolf

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    w;;v it sounds to me your tyre pressure are down , if they are not at 42 psi the bird wont handle at all on the bends
  11. MiddleAgedBiker

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    Hi fatboystew,
    I'm getting more confident with the bike, but my palms still hurt from longer rides. I have to reach for the bars and can't help putting weight on my hands, the best I've found is to arch my back and stick the butt out, then I get less weight on the hands, but the control of the bike's not so good in this position.

    Also suspect I have a bad radiator cap that's not holding pressure. Coolant starts to boil at around 111 deg C. I just changed the coolant so it's good.

    Other than that, I fitted a Scottoiler on the bike. The tube seems dangerously close to my chain though so I need to keep an eye on that and maybe bring it back to the shop for an adjustment.

    I forgot what it's like to buy a used bike (bought my last bike new), lots of little things to fix....
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    Only giggle ????

    Smixy darling, you make me h,h,h,h,h,h,h,h,h,h,h,hungry !:lick::lick::lick:

    Hands up all those that thought I was going to say HORNY !!!:blush:
    I was, but I thought it might embarrass the poor young lady :rolleyes:

    Sorry, thread hijack over...

    Luv to ya babe :k

  13. Smix

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    aaaww shucks hunny - you wouldnt embarass me - honest :blush: besides - you call me young lady, so I Love You :k:k

    big hugs :k
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    bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaha hahh

    this thread is fookin brilliant :bow:
    Please keep going you lot :bow: p0pc0rn41
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    opps wrong thread, made you look though.
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    Rolfy you smooth f*kka

    What was the thread about again?
  17. timbertops

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    try counter steering, bend arms, look as far round corner as possible, push on the bar the way you want to turn, left bar to turn left, right bar to turn right, only needs a small amount, ( turning bars opposite way you are turning,) it does work,
  18. sr71caspar

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    I think after 9 years, the OP may have adapted to riding a 'Bird.;-0))

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