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Sorry Guys

Discussion in '2015 McBash On Tour - The O'Bash' started by russ_fae_fyvie, Aug 7, 2015.

  1. russ_fae_fyvie

    russ_fae_fyvie Been there, and had one Club Sponsor

    I know Damien and Scott both know this but thought I'd let the rest of you reprobates know as well.

    Due to me losing my job in February and only having part time work since, Janice and I won't be able to come to the OBASH.


    Obviously the money side is one thing, but the other is that I could get a call at any time (I've been asking LOADS of people for work all over the country) to do some work and given our financial situation, there is no way we could turn it down.

    Another thing is that, even if we had the dosh to come, my heart would not be in it knowing I didn't have a job. I had hoped I'd be asked back into the office I had been working part time last Monday, but the guy told me not to bother coming in. Luckily he didn't tell me until last Friday after we got home from our little break on the West Coast because I had been planning to go back in, otherwise if he'd told me earlier it would have ruined that break as well.

    Obviously, anyone who has been through this knows the financial balancing act so I will not go through all that but things could pick up here in the next couple of months, which is what we are hoping for.

    Its got that bad, I've have also had to put my CB1000R up for sale, so if anyone knows anyone looking for one, just let me know


    Although I can't come, I know Damien and Scott have put a tremendous amount of work into the OBASH and I'm absolutely sure it will be a resounding success so just make sure you all post photos !

    I will definitely be organising next years McBASH in Oban by the way !!
    Last edited: Aug 8, 2015
  2. ianrobbo1

    ianrobbo1 good looking AND modest Club Sponsor

    You and Janice will be missed, I've been in the position you find yoursellf in more than a few times, something always crops up when you least expect it, we'll have a pint for you, in the meantime you can be planning next years McJock bash @tu*
  3. ScottyUK

    ScottyUK Filtering Through Club Sponsor

    I've been there too and totally get it.

    Real shame you can't make it but your priorities are 100% right.

    Good luck. its just a matter of time before things brighten up. @tu*
  4. Squag1

    Squag1 Can't remember.... Club Sponsor

    Shit happens for sure.
    Sorry to hear
    We'll drink your pints though so no waste.

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