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Poss new bird to be

Discussion in 'Owners Bikes' started by steveedgy, Nov 21, 2018.

  1. steveedgy

    steveedgy Well-Known Member Club Sponsor


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  2. steveedgy

    steveedgy Well-Known Member Club Sponsor

  3. steveedgy

    steveedgy Well-Known Member Club Sponsor

    Looking more n more like I need full hell linked brake lines nxt do they come with shiny banjo bolts to replace rusty ones
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  4. steveedgy

    steveedgy Well-Known Member Club Sponsor

    Well this is and was my shopping list but nearly done it all now
    Straight bar kit
    Front rear wheel n head bearings
    New sprocket n chain
    Battery reg rec
    Oils fluids throughout
    triple core rad silicone hoses
    thermostat n thermo switch
    Time chain tensioner
    Hell clutch pipe
    EBC pads
    Avon storm 3d boots
    Leds high n low
    Stainless screws
    Original rider passenger pegs
    Cleaner rear swing arm
    Gold mesh vent covers rad cover oil cooler cover
    Platinum plugs KnN filter Oil filter
    Cnc brake clutch levers
    XX tank pad
    Hydro dipped inner fairing panels
    Clocks done with purple blue flip carbon
    Rear shock replaced good as new
    Shock spacer
    Front and rear thermostat housing seals
    Water pump seals
    Front brake lever switch
    Probably forgot a couple of bits Bill's buried in my garage away from the other half omg
    Still to do nxt month
    Front fork kit
    Full linked hell brake lines
    New clutch plates n springs
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