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Not the Prettiest Blackbird

Discussion in 'Owners Bikes' started by w853rw2, Aug 27, 2002.

  1. w853rw2

    w853rw2 Registered User

    This picture was taken above Bodo Norway just after the Midnight Sun. 3 weeks later we were in Gibraltar thats 7000mls in the month. thsi bike can do it all who needs a goldwing or an R1.

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  2. Dark Angel

    Dark Angel Still kickin' it! Club Sponsor

    Not "The Prettiest"...But, Perhaps...

    ...the most beautifully purposeful, Capable, RELIABLE, EXHILIRATINGLY FAST motorcycle we could ever hope to see....

    ...I hope this becomes a 'Classic' photograph of a 'Bird.....WHY???

    ...Because I hate ANYTHING that changes the lines of a Honda Blackbird, but....

    ...this photograph is different....

    ...and it tells us a lot more about the Honda Blackbird (a lot more TRUTH - not "Hype") than, perhaps, we are able to appreciate...

    ...a LOVELY PIC of a Beautiful Machine

    Cheyrrub :cool:

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  3. w853rw2

    w853rw2 Registered User

    :} Thanks, whilst not the sleekest machine on the road it does have a certain purpose about it. I can't help but rack up the miles on it even though I do have a second bike. I binned my car so it has become a jack of all trades and seems to be a master of them all, pace space and comfort. You can say what you like about the likes of Billy Connolly etc the thing "don't arf make e'larf"
  4. Dark Angel

    Dark Angel Still kickin' it! Club Sponsor

    Still a Brill Pic...

    ...If you're doing the Rossendale thing - or if you're ever around Rivington Barn, or just out for a ride, give me a shout.


    Cheyrrub :D :D :D

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  5. w853rw2

    w853rw2 Registered User

    Its a serious bike for serious use, mines now at just short of 30,000 miles (S plate 98)has never missed a beat always started and cost me tyres and the odd chain and brake pads. It still feels as good as when I got it.

    The Xmas before last I took it to Skye , memorable trip up, blue skies snow line above and the misty lochs below on the A82 and the run to Portree from the Kyle was best discribed as a race track no traffic, grip in abundance and you can see ahead for miles. The down side It snowed like hell the day before we came home, cadged a lift in a transit from Stein to the Kyle and had a choice of lift to Inverness or ride home to Preston. It was not snowing so Preston won to cut a long story short Glen Coe was magnificent and the road was cleared and dryish but the guy in the shogun followiong recorded a temperature of -8 deg C. The along Loch Lommond was not cleared though and covered in brown slush the M8 and the Eirskine bridge was worse. the M74 and M6 were Ok in between blizzards but by then it was dark so everything was a suprise. The Shogun recorder -10 deg C over Shap. After all that the council had not cleared our ski slope of a road so had to use the footpath. The fairing had 1" of ice on and in the cooler vents. More to the point I never felt threatened or out of control the guy driving the Shogun had crapped himself for most of the 10hr trip.

    A piece of advise for anyone who wants one though, If a Blackbird is what you aspire to just get one (JFDI) I compromised on 4 bikes before getting this one and could have bought it insured it and run it for ages on the money I blew on the others having talked myself out of the Blackbird, on grounds of insurance and the bo@@*cks talked about high running costs.:D :D
  6. Red Baron

    Red Baron Guest

    Stupendous photo of a stupendous bike.:}

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