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Discussion in 'Owners Bikes' started by Pmmb, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. Pmmb

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    hi all,
    Just a quick into. I picked up a 97 Blackbird recently and am currently sorting out a few (siezed) bits as in the last few years it hadn't seen much movement. Got my bar risers to go on (we're all getting older and 'every little helps' as they say). Just need to sort out a service on the forks and some luggage for a European tour tin June which is the main use for the bike. Hope to gleen some knowledge from you folks and maybe catch up with some of you at some point on my travels.
  2. mcdonaa

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    Welcome Paul. There are a nice bunch of chaps on here...always eager to help with any problems. Registering as a paid up member supports the site and it's running...I recommend it!
  3. DEG5Y

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    On here!!! :meparto::meparto::meparto:
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  4. andyBeaker

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  5. Pmmb

    Pmmb Registered User

    Thanks for the welcome. Bar risers fitted now. Decent improvement for the money. Kriega US30 and baglux sorted. Roll in June.
  6. Squag1

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    Belated welcome.
    Just be careful with that part of the bike under your right hand - it can leave you sitting............on tarmac :D
  7. trisbird

    trisbird Registered User

    Where in Europe are you planning on going?
  8. Pmmb

    Pmmb Registered User

    Hi trisbird,
    The plan is landing in Belgium, through France, then onto Southern Germany for a play around the Black Forest before heading up north to Koblenz then back to the ferry via Ypres.

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