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Discussion in 'The Sports section' started by Dark Angel, Feb 9, 2017.

  1. Dark Angel

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    No – it’s not a plug for the MotoGP Video Pass – but it is. :tongue:

    I paid about 20 quid for the “off-season” video pass so I could watch the pre-season tests, but, with it I got access to all videos, updates and interviews since the year "dot". :clapclap:

    Just watched Paul Couasnon, Motorsport Director for Michelin, as he talks about their return to MotoGP last season and how they will develop for 2017 – and realised I’ve learned
    more about “behind the scenes” MotoGP in the past couple of weeks than I have in years: it’s an absolute
    goldmine of info. ..:sisi3:

    …Shame the season video pass is so expensive at nearly 150 quid :shocked: - which will be much better spent on me track bike. :sisi2:
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  2. Dark Angel

    Dark Angel ...Been there. Read Only

    Interesting to learn that Sete Gibernau is working with Dani Pedrosa, in pursuit of the MotoGP championship.


    I’d forgotten that Dani had been with Telefonica Movistar Honda at the start of his MotoGP career!


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