Massiff run to Tal-Y-Llyn Wales

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  1. shropslad

    shropslad Registered User Read Only

    Hi All,

    After last years run out to the lake at Tal-Y-Llyn being a huge success,, we are doing it again this year,, Dates discussed at DB's party were last weekend in June,, 28th, 29th.

    We will mirror last years run (unless anyone has suggestions) So meet at mine at 9am for bacon butties & Coffee cooked by the luvely Lorna, we can accomodate a number of peeps if they want to come over Friday night for a few beers.
    Leave at about 10/1030am for Lake side Lunch stopping along the way for fag breaks etc.

    I think everyone had a great time last year (weather and roads perfect) and I am sure we will have a great time this year to.

    So whoever wants to come just add your name to this list and keep watching this space for updates,
    maps etc & remember If you can only make it for one day then still come, all are welcome not just the midland massiff.

    Jon1100xx will post details about the saturday night stop over and the Sunday ride out.
    Over to Jon.
  2. Rolfy Dave

    Rolfy Dave Registered User Read Only

    Oh, yes pleeeeease !!

    Put Jan & I down for the whole weekend this year....i copped it in the neck for going on my own last year, so I had better take "er indoors" this time...LOL

    See ya soon,

    Rolfy & Jan

    ps...As long as we survive the german & UK bashes :} :}
  3. roXXo

    roXXo Registered User Read Only


    For a change I am actually on holiday for those dates.
    We'll be there:} :k :beer:
  4. Jon and Anya

    Jon and Anya Registered User Read Only

    Ha, here we go again

    Well as shrops has said, the famous Massif Wales run seems to have raised its ugly head again. All being well, accomodation on the Saturday will be at our home addy, on a first come first seved basis, tents in the grounds available:lol: and food by way of a buffet or a block book chinky or indian, you'll have to let me know and the majority rules on this one. Anyway, earlty days yet and a few things to sort between now and the 'W' Day.

    So its up and running, post your interest below, except for Paul and Carol who are above and our own Rolfy who is always first in for a good time :yo:
  5. trophychap

    trophychap Registered User Read Only

    That 'll be a date then!

    Jenny won't let me travel alone, so she's coming too! If we are not too late can we take up the offer of accommodation on the Friday night and especially the beer's, although she gets a bit giggly if she gets on the draught Kronenberg.

    See you all soon. :beer: :beer:
  6. XXscraper

    XXscraper Registered Users Read Only

    Poo pants

    I'm gpoing to Spain that w/e, if you change the date to an earlier one I would love to join you again.
  7. D.S.

    D.S. Registered User Read Only

    Er....... excuse me, but is this strictly a Mincers run to Wales?

    or is it open to Southern Pooftahs too, 'cos this pooftah (despite numerous trips throughout Europe) has never been to Wales on his bike and I quite fancy the idea. We will have also just back from our Catalunya trip (hopefully) so this fits in nicely.
  8. shropslad

    shropslad Registered User Read Only


    You are most welcome to come along,and anyone else, the more the merrier, if the weather turns out as good as last year then we are in for a treat again.

    Keep checkin for updates.
  9. Jon and Anya

    Jon and Anya Registered User Read Only

    Saturday Bed update

    Yoohoo all, Its only me :lol:

    Right, the beds in the house are booked. Whats left indoors is the lounge floor on a Lillo, then we are looking a tents in the garden, As Fred Pontin used to say, "book early" :h

  10. roXXo

    roXXo Registered User Read Only

    Carry on camping

    Look here chaps stop
    ETA 1900hrs Friday stop
    Arriving by motorcylce not bus stop
    Reception committee expected at the door stop
    Shall be pitching one bivvy as far away from the Mess as possible as I know what rowdy fellows you young blades are stop
    Use of latrines required stop
    Sha'n't be digging pit stop
    Cocoa and Biccies at 2130hrs stop
    Expect Saturday night stop stop
    Hope your not full stop
  11. DB on CBR1100XX

    DB on CBR1100XX Official BASH referee ! Read Only

    Squiffy and I are...............

    .............definite maybe's kids permitting.........this is red rover in an andover over dover over !!

    Must go tea and tiffin with the Wingco..................
  12. fat bert

    fat bert Guest

    Count me in kiddo's

    On second thoughts, if DB's going, I'd better Ask Jeeves!!
  13. Jon and Anya

    Jon and Anya Registered User Read Only

    good point Clive,,,,,

    about Sunday, hmmmmmmmmmmm, let me see,,,,,,,,,,,,I wonder if BERT or his scewer weelding budy PETE would like to take us into deepest Derbyshire again
    :dunno: :neenaw: :beer:
  14. fat bert

    fat bert Guest

    Sunday - Derbyshire~~??

    In a phrase - PHOOK OFF !!!

    Only kidding - Pete, Cyclops and me will think up something...


    The Infamous Cat & Fiddle Run!!!!!

    We'll get it sorted and, as last year, back to mine for copious cups of coffee/tea and sticky bunz before departure

    Consider it done!!

    Any truth in the rumour that this has been renamed.
    "The AbuDabi RideOut?"

    Like the best things in rolls nicely off the tongue!!
  15. roXXo

    roXXo Registered User Read Only

    Hey diddle diddle FB

    Heard lots about, but never been there. Should be a hoot with native guides such as El Greco. He must use four cylinders though, not that Honda v-v-v-v- viagra twin :eek:
  16. fat bert

    fat bert Guest

    Suppose it could be classed as~~

    my annual visit to see the family?

  17. roXXo

    roXXo Registered User Read Only


    Hope ewe save some of the better looking ones for the rest of us:blush:
  18. mikew

    mikew Inconsequential Member Read Only

    dug up these from last years run ...

    recognise anyone ?

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  19. mikew

    mikew Inconsequential Member Read Only

    and these .........

    honest 'ard working peeps .....

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  20. mikew

    mikew Inconsequential Member Read Only

    and there's more ...

    of the good peeps ...........

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