Looking to find a clean bird later this year

Discussion in 'Owners Bikes' started by trisbird, May 12, 2018.

  1. trisbird

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    Have a KTM 525 at the moment as I do alot of green laning, sold my 990 earlier this year which was an awesome bike but it had to go to make way for home improvements that have been pending for some time. My daughter is almost 10 and misses riding pillion and I have always wanted a Blackbird so I am going to be more active on here now getting up to speed with the pros of the bird and hopefully will see a clean one crop up with luggage.

    Plan is to ride to France in 2019 (Cant this year as deployed) Only a short journey in Brittany but later in the year I would love to ride from Plymouth-Gibraltar or get the ferry over to Spain and ride back via Gibraltar. Always wanted to ride across to Poland as well so thats on the cards in the future.

    Be interested to know how owners find the comfort on lengthy rides and the range. Looking forward to browsing the forum again.

  2. andyBeaker

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    Get a car.
  3. noobie

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    Andy's helpful like that :rolleyes:

    If you are doing the long stuff then a good spend would be a aftermarket seat, plenty of threads in search on some that people have used, some bar risers and a screen, normally a db or mra touring. Blackbird will piss these distances and with ease as long as the usual set ups are checked before you go
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  4. andyBeaker

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    I agree re the seat - I didn't realise what a planok the OEM item is until I tried a Corbyn.

    Chalk and cheese.

    Pretty much all cars have comfortable seats. Except Mercedes, way too hard for my liking.
  5. Cougar377

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    Sometimes I think AB riding a bike is a bit like men walking on the moon....

    You know it happened but it's incredibly hard to imagine the monumental effort involved. :D
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  6. andyBeaker

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    It largely involved riding the Bird rather than leaving it in the garage, polishing it and driving to bike shows then changing into leathers in the car park.

    And fixing the charging circuit of course.
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