Last Minute Blast Lymm - Crossgates Sun 19th May

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  1. Rob N/West

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    A bit late notice I know but if anyone fancies a ride down to Crossgates in mid Wales ( LD1 6RE ) I , and a few others ,will be stopping for fuel at Lymm services ( M6 / M56 / A50 Junction ) about 8.20 am for the trip there . Anyone interested in tagging along is more than welcome. Sensible pace planned as it's possible I might have my Grand-Daughter as pillion and a couple of other riders who don't wish to gain any points for speeding or slide down the road on their ar5e.

    I'll be on a Blackbird Reg P296JVM .
  2. B5DJF

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    Aaaah, only just seen this or would have joined you.... have a good one @tu*

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