Keeping Your Visor Clean

Discussion in 'Rider Skills Help' started by Bob Pinder, Oct 23, 2004.

  1. Bob Pinder

    Bob Pinder Registered User Read Only

    Wiping the crud off with your glove normally scratches a visor.
    How about keeping a small wet sponge tucked behind the dash that way you can use it to wipe your visor.
    Just make sure you wash it out regularly :eek:
  2. Amsterdam

    Amsterdam Guest

    Spose this makes makes you our official cleaning Ad visor m8 :p

    I always dry my helmet carefully after its got wet.......

    Otherwise those scratches sting :lol:

  3. RHINO

    RHINO Answering to nobody Read Only


    When i came down to the DERBY last time i had one of JAWS micro fibre cloths stuffed in the front pocket in my tank bag, rinsed it before i left the meet and it did its job satisfacory
  4. richard

    richard Cool as a Cucumber Read Only

    Me to Jaws cloths

    :yo: :bow: :yo:

  5. skippy

    skippy Registered User Read Only

    Rain-x :bow:

    Tearoffs for long jaunts
  6. RHINO

    RHINO Answering to nobody Read Only


    So it actually works then???

    I have a bottle in the garage which i have not opened, i didn't want to put it on the visor incase it make a monkeys breakfast out of it.
  7. Murt

    Murt Letch Club Sponsor

    Rain X

    I use Rain X on my visor as well.
    It really does make a difference.

  8. R2B2

    R2B2 Registered User Read Only

    So it doesn't turn your visor into a banana then..?
  9. Geoff James

    Geoff James Registered User Read Only

    When Clive came to NZ last year, he bought me a couple of microfibre cloths which are nothing short of fantastic and I always carry them. The only downside is that my mates rate them highly too, and are always wiping off their own bugs on them too :xm

    I use Rain-X too and have never had any trouble with toughened visors. I have heard that cheaper visors can get a slightly milky sheen due to the solvent though.

  10. Biggbiker

    Biggbiker Registered User Read Only

    I too have always used rainex and never had any problems. It does make a huge difference. R#?
  11. Sam

    Sam Registered User Read Only

    I went into Halfords this afternoon for some rainex. They had Rain X, but it said it was for glass only - not to be used on plastic etc etc. Is it the same thing as rainex? Is it really safe on visors?
  12. Supabird1100

    Supabird1100 Registered User Read Only

    Yes Mate...Rain-X and Rainex are one and the same...just a different way of typing it.

    You put it on and take a chance....on my old Caberg lid it didn't affect the visor at all......put it on a Lazer Revolution and it cost me a new visor. The stuff turned the plastic a milky white.

    Haven't risked it on the new AGV !!!!! :}
  13. AV8TOR

    AV8TOR Sponsor Read Only

    I know that some will slag this into the ground, so :f to you before i tell you how i get around this problem.

    I have a windsceen washer pump from an Audi, any type would do.
    This lives in the area under the tank next to your coolant bottle,
    it's connected to an 8oz fuel tank as used in R/C model planes with 3 lines in it.
    1, goes straight to the pump,
    2, is the filler
    3, is the fill over flow

    I have a small press switch mounted on the flat section just forward of the clutch lever reservoir on the same casting within easy reach of your index finger to opperate the pump.

    Running from the pump is micro line pipe ( thanks Scottoiler ) up to the clocks and onto a small bore brass pipe again model shop cost 75p this is glued to washer jet from a rear window from a Ford Fiest.

    Spend a bit of time to set the jet direction then BINGO no matter how much %$fan comes you way its wash and go without any hassel.
    I use screen wash, the anti-freeze type you know what the weathres like up here even mid summer.
  14. R2B2

    R2B2 Registered User Read Only

    You mean you haven't found a way of connecting up directly to your helmet yet...? :p
  15. Sam

    Sam Registered User Read Only

    I just checked the date.'s not 1st April, so I'm guessing this might be ingenious rather than a pi$$-take, right?

    :lol: Way too clever for me, tho :rolleyes:
  16. AV8TOR

    AV8TOR Sponsor Read Only

    Befor the washer on the bike I made a small wiper with plastic and a foam pad from the kitchen, made a simple carrier with the fluid in that doubled as a holder this had a maganet in the bottom and simply sat on the tank of your bike, when you pressed it down it would get a charge of cleaning fluid & would also release it from the carrier.
    Spoke to the likes of Motrax & Oxford but they never took it on,
    The Magnawipe....
    Hey Oh I just keep making things waiting for my Trevor Baliss moment. :neenaw: :neenaw: :neenaw:
  17. derek kelly

    derek kelly The Deli lama Club Sponsor

  18. XXscraper

    XXscraper Registered Users Read Only

    So is screenwash sprayed at your visor enough to clean sticky embedded bugs off without any scrubbing action as i have designed a rotating buff and go wet system for my bike :f
    It involves fixing a bracket to the trailing edge of your bikes screen and buy a fluffy paint roller from any DIY store. Attach this to a starter motor from a motorbike and are cheap enough from any scapy, i used on from an old CX500 custom (the car ones work well but are a bit cumbersome and make the whole setup look a bit un-slick). You then need to mount this scrubbing assembly on your bracket in a position you can reach by just leaning forward so your visor can contact the roller system. Here comes the tricky bit as to wet the roller you will need to mount a suitably sized water resevoire which will sit under the roller so that the fluffy bit just imerses. Finally just wire in a switch to your battery and hey presto you now have a neat Bug Off sytem. I have not pattented it yet as it only works once because when you fire up this little baby all the water leaves the resevoire in one hit. Works well appart from that and oh yeah you need to use it before taking your first corner too otherwise it runs dry and might scatch your visor :B
  19. Wolfie

    Wolfie Is a lunp Read Only

    you need a permasponge
  20. Cruser

    Cruser Registered User Read Only

    Christ Nick, what are you on? Can I have some? :lol:

    Where have you been anyway? :dunno:

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