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Discussion in 'Rider Skills Help' started by casbiker, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. casbiker

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    Hello everyone, I am struggling this year and dont know why. Ive had my 57 plate Bird for 3yrs now. Its fitted with bar risers and a custom seat. After about only 30 miles my legs around the groin area (yes i know..8rfl@) start to ache quite badly, my thumbs & wrists also begin to ache. After not many more miles if I need to put my feet down I get cronic leg pains/cramp. Obviously this doesnt last for long but the same thing then happens every time I put my feet down. It really is making my riding pleasure very un-pleasurable. As I said Ive owned the Bird for 3yrs, I do about 4/5k a year. I am over 6 feet tall and only slightly overweight bl4hbl4h honestly. I have a riding mate who's shorter and porkier than me but he has no such issues. Ive even started taking cod liver oil tablets.....what next? I love the Bird and dont really want to get rid, Im 50 and quite a steady rider. Can you help with any quick or long fixes?
  2. richarda

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    Try eating bananas. No joke - I believe its because they contain potassium which is good for cramp.....and also drink plenty of water to keep hydrated. Definitely works for me - I used to get cramp after about 50 miles but not now.

  3. casbiker

    casbiker Registered User

    cheers Richard, not my fave fruit but will def try @tu*
  4. stormer

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    How about peg lowering brackets? I fitted mine after a partial knee replacement, takes weight off legs and wrists.@tu*
  5. Artemis

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    Other high potassium foods:

    Most fresh fruits, except apples, pears and small citrus fruits. Not tinned, as potassium is soluble.
    Fruit juices
    Star fruit is very high, like bananas
    Oily fish
    Jacket potatoes (boiling them removes some of the potassium)

    I know all this because potassium is bad for them with compromised Kidneys (like him indoors).
  6. mick the knife

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    Peeps who use water softners esp the ion exchange resin units are prone to all mineral deficiency.

    Usually overlooked with all kind of illnesses hence 19 states in the USA have banned them and the number is rising.
  7. casbiker

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    Cheers Stormer, lowering pegs def worth a look at, especially at Jaws prices. Artemis, thankfully a list of foods i do like & Mick, im from Castleford, no filters here mate, we still have coal dust in our water :lick:
  8. Tinytim

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    It's worse than that..

    Get to the docs quick Casbiker. There's summat seriously wrong .
  9. ScottyUK

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    I've a water softener (I need to check which type) but how does it lead to mineral deficiency? We never drink it so it's only for washing and brushing teeth etc. Food and drinks always use untreated water.
  10. stormer

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    Casbiker when you get the leg cramp, I get the same in my calf after a leg down stop, as you are slowly trundling along stand up on your pegs and then slowly sit back down and you should see the cramp disapear. @tu*
  11. mick the knife

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    A water softener can also cause harm if used for showering as there's a suspicion it can lead to hair loss and skin cancer. The nice skin feel you get is from left over soap residue which softened water doesnt dissolve properly as modern soaps are designed for choride, chloramine and calcium laced water.

    A lot of peeps will drink water from a none softened supply but when it comes to boiling up veggies they'll use softened water, and through a process of osmosis strips the goodness from said veggies.

    The high sodium content of the water strips out most of the minerals with potassium and magnisium being the most heavily affected .

    Magnisium from the diet will lead to some very painfull condition mainly affecting joints and nerve endings, which could be mistaken for cramp.

    Technically softened water should never be put into a heating system either as it corrodes through the heat exchange plates a lot quicker.
  12. americanexpress

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    I cant believe the sweetie goddess forgot that other source of potassium: chocolate!!!:lick:
  13. Artemis

    Artemis Sweetie Goddess Club Sponsor

    Do you know, I was sitting there last night thinking "I'm sure there was something else....... erm......".

    But I always forget chocolate, because I don't like it!
  14. casbiker

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    Cheers everyone for the advice, will take it all on board, even the "exercise bit" sh1tehppns As you will all agree to change the Bird is to get a lesser bike. A bit harsh tho Lumpy ref, buggering up the Bird with lowering pegs man8um @tu* Andy
  15. Tinytim

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    Where's the Thankyou button?


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