going under bridges and other covered areas

Discussion in 'Rider Skills Help' started by frenchuk, Nov 4, 2004.

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    When going under bridges and other covered areas, be extra-cautious. Due to absence of sun the road surface is colder in those areas hence less grip. When wet road surface becomes icy faster than on exposed road. Knowledge of this saved my bacon on my latest long-distance touring in France - I passed under a bridge, was cold and wet, under bridge was icy, I planned my trajectory accordingly, and it saved the day. :beer:
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    well done for opening your eyes.

    when was the last time you rode?
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    about 18 months ago i would of said
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    If you're gonna mention bridges and ice then the least you should do is mention that going over them can be iffy too.

    People often think about going under them can be damp and icey but less seem to remember that a road with cold air under it is more likely to freeze than resting on the warm(er) soil.
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    I'm getting more worried by the day.....................................:eek:
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    Also watch out for leaves ...:-0)
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    he was busy practising first yer twat, i hear tale that his bike is covered in 3 inches of dust and shit. and small animals have made nests in between the spokes.

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