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You'll like this During lock down..... What have you done today ?


rather fond of a cream bun
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Shifted 1/2 ton or so of stone, cleaned a bird feeder and repaired a bit of fencing. In a shed load of pain now.


I am Grasshopper!
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Hid in my office while the builders were ripping the ghastly kitchen walls tiles off, prepping the surfaces for new tiles and installing the new fire place in the sitting room.


Corporal CockUp
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Finished putting my small emergency compressor back together and think I found the reason for the original fail
The blow off valve had become completely jammed.. Took it apart, cleaned it, replaced the spring and set it to release at a very moderate 60psi.. Which is plenty for everything I am likely to use it for.. inflating cycle tyres, moped tyres and the like


Like a leaf on the wind . . .
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Pulled my bird out the garage to run her for 5 minutes. I broke the charging cable plug for the optimate when I last rode her, so she's not been on charge for a couple of months! I didn't expect her to start, especially not on the first push of the button. :oops: The benefits of a gel battery I suppose.

Anyway, fixed the cable and put her away, on charge.

I probably shouldn't have done any of that as I'm off work with a bad back but I was bored!


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Rejected signing off the installation of my new garage door for the second time.

Why do people think that filling big gaps in upvc trim with mastic as they can't measure and cut it properly is acceptable?

Assuming it gets sorted next visit that will be the fourth time they have attended. Feeling a bit mean as it isn't costing me anything, but the installation geezer doesn't know that.

Duck n Dive

Rebel without a clue ...
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Went shopping this evening for foodstuffs, roads and supermarket very quiet - other than the long queue at the McDonald's drive through.

When dispensing the cleaner from the pump onto the paper towel to wipe the trolley handle I was a bit too enthusiastic thumping down on it.

Missed the paper towel and had to walk around looking like I'd peed myself!