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done at last

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at last fitted my geodesy unit, garmin street pilot deluxe, 100watt lamps, super sexy carbon mini indicators, rear hugger, and a bit of maintance on the bike..all in 5 hours:eek: no problems eitherR#?
except a little swearing trying to fit the 100watt lamps..bugger are they fiddly to get too!

word of warning tho..i bought one of those round tyre pressure gauges..the type with the little hose and pressure relief valve in brass..it worked once....yes only once, when i went to recheck the pressure after chucking some air in it had packed up..just reads 0 all the time now...and cos the end of it is brass its easy do damage the thread of the tyre valve too!
mines going back for a refund tomorrow!

when it did work i checked a little halfords keyring type one (that joe boy gave me)againts the new one and they read the same!..so ill stick with the keyring one anway:-:


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Simon~lets 'av some pics then mate!

So you won't mind fitting my 100w bulb for me ???:}


Its time you went on a intensive maintenance course m8 having said that it would be a shame to waist reefers talents:neenaw:

Cheers for sat reefer your
a top man p.s broardband conected next tuesday:beer: :beer:



... That little Halfords Gauge just came out first in Bike Mag's recent multi-test. Accurate to .25 Lb. !!

100w Bulbs; - I was just going to post a question about them.

Did you replace both or just the main beam...? Does the alternator and wiring stand the extra load ok...? I'd appreciate your comments on this although I guess you wouldn't be doing it if it was problematic.

Has anyone had any problems with this?



i changed both of the lamps...bulbs are what you place in the ground and water:}
dunno what the spec of the alternator is on the bird?
but the extra 45 watts will pull just under 4 amps extra
i cant see the connectors and cable melting because of that
at the end of the day the fuse is there to protect the connectors and cable from short circuit or over current..so in laymans terms..if it dont blow the fuse it must be ok:dunno:

if your still worried about the higer wattage you can get some sexy gas discharge lamps that give off a bright blue light but at the same wattage..but the ones that do the job are like 20 quid each:eek:

sorry i meant gas discharge lookalikes