cross winds(no i don`t mean angry farts)

Discussion in 'Rider Skills Help' started by paul_733, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. paul_733

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    i seem to have developed a problem recently when riding on the motorway,i just can`t seem to stay in control when hit by cross winds and end up slowing right down to avoid being pushed into the next lane,yet other bikes pass me with seemingly no problem,over the last 9 years of riding i have only had this problem a couple of times but the wind was really bad at those times.
    i don`t know if it`s just a confidence problem that i`ve suddenly developed for some unknown reason or if i`ve just started doing somthing wrong
    has anyone else had this problem before? or does anyone have any suggestions as to what i might be doing wrong?
  2. TANK0700

    TANK0700 big soft, not so cuddly Read Only

    i thought this was just me , it seems to be getting worse on the motorways
  3. andy102

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    The 'Bird' is a bit slab sided and is a bit sensitive to side winds, you haven't got panniers/topbox fitted have you? it makes mine a nightmare.
  4. cougarboy

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    Typically it's a too tight grip at the bars that can make cross winds more complicated. If you're slightly nervous about the cross winds, you may be tensing up when you're riding. This tends to make your steering inputs more extreme when a cross wind comes along.

    If you can, next time, try focusing on keeping your arms and grip very loose on the bars, and you may find that the bike steers through the wind with a lot less fuss than if you're resisting it due to arm/grip tension.
  5. Wolfie

    Wolfie Is a lunp Read Only

    its the feckin sail sized mudguard that catches the cross wind and steers the front wheel for you
  6. hellraiser

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  7. firebladetrev

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    Happened to me riding back to Bristol after the SOSB ride out. You just have to ignore it and like someone said dont grip the bars to hard. I was 2 up with a top box and yes it has happened before going over the Severn Bridge a right nightmare on the Bird on a windy day.:eek:
  8. Bornagain

    Bornagain Registered User Read Only

    I agree with this and it works for me
  9. bishbosh

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    In crosswinds I put my knee slightly out towards the wind and keep it loose so that when the wind gusts my knee catches the gust and drifts me towards the wind, bit like paddle in a canoe.
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  10. paul_733

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    i`m glad it`s not just me,was beginning to think i was losing the ability to ride lol.i see what you mean about grip,i think after the first gust i probably automaticly tense up and just make it worse
  11. Duck n Dive

    Duck n Dive Rebel without a clue ... Club Sponsor

    Never really bothered me :eek: .. but then I used to do a lot of sailing so after that the barge bird is a doddle :-0)

    The advice to relax a little I think is the right way to go.

    Also try not to use large correction action .. try and lean a little into the wind and if you watch ahead sometimes you can see it coming and be prepared.

    On the motorway of course you'll always get rapid changes as you pass trucks - think it's the beans :yo:
  12. madmanmoon

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    Happened to me a couple of weeks ago on the M1, was blown onto the hard shoulder in all the sh@t and couldn't get out, eventualy found some shelter next to a truck.
    Thanks for the advice above
  13. Saffie

    Saffie Ex-Member Read Only

    Spot on Wolfie!

    Coming down to the bash and returning I also struggled with cross winds big time, exercised muscles in my shoulders I didnt know existed and worked the spinkter overtime, especially when passing trucks.

    But also have to say I am experiencing the wind effect much more this year than any other year and the part that really tickles my nugget is when I pull over the wind doesnt feel that bad in the first place.
  14. slim63

    slim63 Never surrender Club Sponsor

    No problems here so far but iv'e only done a couple of thousand miles on the bird, its good to know its something to look out for though @tu*
  15. The_Ormston

    The_Ormston Old Hand Club Sponsor

    Not had this problem on the bird, but had something similar on my old thundercat.
    One thing to consider is gyroscopes...
    The faster they spin the less they want to move, I actually found increasing my speed stabilized the bike.
    You also start to play a ration game, ratio of air hitting front of bike compared to air hitting side of bike. As you slow down the effect of the side gust increases, speed up and the side gust becomes a tiny percentage of the overall wind effect.

    Once again, slowing down = bad, going fast = good @tu*

  16. stormer

    stormer Registered User Read Only

    Totally crap bike to ride through a strong side wind no matter what you squeeze or relax your grip and the next gust ..........:cry:
  17. Barrie

    Barrie Registered User Read Only

    The 'bird is very sensitive to cross wind. Like Wolfie said, the wind hitting the front wheel makes it counter steer. Feels like the bike is dropping off the edge of the world. Relax and don't back off the power, keep it pulling.
  18. coleser

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    When we were over France a couple of weeks back fully laden with even the kitchen sink, it was a real game to keep straight, it felt like we were at a 45 degree angle leaning into the wind, and still getting blown towards the verge, entertaining to say the least.
  19. slim63

    slim63 Never surrender Club Sponsor

    I've been out today for my first real ride since getting my bird roadworthy & got caught in wind with gusts strong enough to blow the rain almost horizontal

    No issues whatsoever that I wouldn't have had on any other bike :dunno:
  20. masterofevil

    masterofevil Registered User Read Only

    Ride Above The Wind

    Not very PC these days but there used to be an expression 'ride above the wind' kind of meaning if the wind is blowing like hell go faster than the wind and such stalls and gusts will fall below your speed and you won't feel them so much.

    I seem to racall that this worked quite well in my twenties, now i'm nearer 50 i'm not sure I feel like putting the old theory to the test !

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