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Cant be arsed !!!!


Been there, and had one
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Update to the fleet......

Bandit 1250....Fitted braided brake and clutch lines a few months back...Still need to replace the rear brake line...Too cold ..Cant be arsed.

Bandit 1200N....Clutch issue...Feels like the clutch lever is returning through treacle and the clutch slips until engine is warm...
Looks like could be clutch slave cylinder area...Got a spare in my spares box...Too cold...Cant be arsed...

Honda Blackbird....Totally perfect.....Well actually could do with some new boots..and indicaters slow to work on a cold morning..
Got a spare Left hand switch unit in my spares box..or could pull original apart and explore.....Too cold..Cant be arsed..

Xjr1300SP....What a lemon...Bought this bike back from the cusp of becoming and old shitter....Was great for a while..But has developed
a slightly disturbing rattle when the starter engages??? Could it be the starter clutch or something else...Hasnt let me down yet..but its in the post.
Needs further investigation.....Too cold..Cant be arsed.

Or maybe its time to stop wasting my life on these old piles of crap and have one nice shiney new bike....MMMMM..
I think that I will pop down the local dealer....
NAHHH ..Cant be arsed....


Never surrender
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For when you can be arsed remember the 1250 is brilliant

If the 1200n needs a clutch use genuine plates soaked in oil overnight before fitting but its probably crap behind the slave seal causing the problem

Bird is going to destroy itself electrically sometime, maybe not this year or even next but it will so you are better off sticking to the suzuki's above

Brain fart time buying a xjr when the 2 bandit type things are better bikes in almost every way

Dealers o_O :uzi:


Never surrender
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Bandit 1250, I had one a few years ago, it is a brilliant bike when you consider it.
Couldn't fault mine apart from the riders seat being a bit of a plank after a couple of hundred miles, sweet handling, plenty quick enough, smooth & simple, one of the few bikes I regret selling on but I didn't have much choice at the time