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Bought in sept 02 1997 model mod's are

powder coated wheels in silver,disc rotor's silver soon to be changed for wave disc's
brakes de linked and braided hoses
bendix sport break pads
smoke tint headlight cover
blue double bubble screen
white clocks,red needles and back lights
vista cruise control
silver master cylinder tops
black and blue gel grips
s/s bar end weights
sprayed and polished engine casings
polished foot rest hangers,gear and break levers
clear rear lamp and front indicator lenses on the way
mini rear indicator lights
datatagl security marked
datatool system 3 alarm immobiliser
resprayed from black to blue
gold spocket nuts
center stand and rear foot pegs removed
anodized blue studded footrests
carbs rejetted and set up on dyno
datatool didgi gear change indicator
fram plugs
s/s bleed nipples
rear seat cowl
titainium blueflame highlevel race cans
gold DID chain and sprockets
carbon hugger
uprated suspention front and rear by maxton
6mm ride height spacer
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good looking AND modest
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shit hot m8

:bow: looks the dogs danglys, the blue flames set it off perfectly.
job well done,:bow:



That's a bit tasty mate. Do you ever use throw over panniers on that , or are the Blue Flames to high?


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Like it

Blumeeni, nicely moded mate. Maybe get to see yer up at Abergavenny bus station some time?


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:bow: :bow:
Looks the bizzo mate ! Just out of interest, thinking about putting a seat cowl on mine and was wondering what make yours was ?


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Cheers Blu. Just got a few other bits from Jaws this week so I'll check out the cowls ....

Melvyn Pearson

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I have Blueflame End cans like these but not HI RISE. Is it only the connect pipes are different and the cans the same or do they differ?


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hi mel,yeh the cans are the same just the conector pipes are upswept.
Also had to lose the pillion footrests and hangers.
which is sad:violin: not.
:beer: blu