Bluetooth comms in Spain.

Discussion in 'Touring Issues' started by Jono, Jul 21, 2016.

  1. Jono

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    Going in september via brittany ferries. We have a pair of SMH10's for rider to pillion comms and GPS directions. Perusing their site about tips for touring in Spain, it said bluetooth Comms are illegal to use :eek:.
    Anyone any knowledge if this is correct or had problems whilst there? :bow:
  2. Jaws

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    Any and all bike to bike comms is illegal in Spain..
    Even GPS's were illegal for a while ( cars and bikes ! ) but they relented after a couple of years realising how stupid it was !
    Riding / driving with flip flops is also illegal as is carrying shopping on a cars back seat .. Not that either of those are gonna be an issue for you !

    Personally, having ridden extensively all over Spain I really would not be overly worried mate.

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