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Discussion in 'Owners Bikes' started by bikerdave55, Aug 26, 2018.

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    Hi all

    I joined a long time ago but never posted until now just wanted to say Hi and share some bad images of how not to treat a birds.

    I bought my first Bird in 2005 Bike 01.jpg

    I managed to ride it (reasonably) carefully until October 2011 when I managed to chuck it down the road at 70. It hit the crash barrier I didn't otherwise . . well . .

    Got the full book value but as I was unemployed and skint, used the money to live on.

    If you have a weak disposition do not look at the images of my badly broken bird.

    Blackbird 02.JPG
    Blackbird 03.JPG 24921021_3X.JPG

    Then early this year I managed to do a deal with Fraser's of Gloucester and bought another. Same year and colour. I like red!

    This time I will concentrate more . .

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    Welcome (y). Blackbird V Crash barrier can only be one winner good that you came out unscathed. Its surprising how things can change within the blink of an eye. I binned mine about 5 years ago and tried to take photo's at the scene but I just couldn't fathom how to use my camera, was dazed and confused, should have gone to the compound eh. Good luck with your new ride

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