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    hi people
    hoping to visit the usa and was wondering if I would need to apply for a visa as looking at their website , it say that if you have had a conviction for anything you need a visa ,now back in 1977 I was done for a minor offence and received a ?25 fine . has anyone been to the states having had a minor conviction ( don't need any details ) and did they have to get a special visa ,think its a hp2 or something .I don't want to fork out loads of money and get refused entry when I get of the plane .
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    Not entirely sure, but if conviction was 1977 would it not count as 'spent' and therefore be off your record?

    There are lots of wise opinions on here, but if you don't get any responses perhaps a telephone call to the American embassy would put you on the right track.

    I believe the ESTA is only ?14 so an online application wouldn't break the bank, even if it is refused.:dunno:

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    Went to New York JFK airport. Had all visas, passport in place. Got to Homeland security desk and out of 330 people on plane they took me a to back room. Asked a number of questions about where I live in uk, mothers maiden name and fathers middle name. Told me to wait. Unbeknown to me the rest of the virgin passengers were waiting outside in the coach to take us to New York City. The rep came through and told us half hour later we were holding eveyone up. I told him to sort out the gorillas on the desk to let me into the U S of A. Then told them to leave me and wifey and we would make our own way there. A number of asian people were also taken to the back room and all were processed quicker than me. I was left there for nearly three hours and our cases were left in reclaim hall even though we were told they would be looked after!! Was somewhat worried when one gorilla started to put rubber gloves on, but luckily no internal examination took place. Eventually my name was called and the stuck up bitch behind the desk said i had been granted entrance to the U S of A. Explained if i wanted to re- enter usa in the future i would have to fill in form, when i indicated that if i was gonna be treated like this i would not want to return, she barked out that if i was going to behave in this manner that she would revoke my entry. Ended up biting lip and leaving.
    I wrote to homeland security and am still waiting for reply. That was my 50th birthday week in new york.
    Nice touch by wifey, three days into visit, she, bless her, had arranged for my teenage kids to fly in on my birthday. Aaah
    Hope all goes well with your trip.
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    got into and out of the USA 6 times, so if they let me in :dunno:

    used esters no problems, and your conviction is spent :dunno:
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    Any conviction regarded as "spent" is in line with the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act -this is not US law and does not apply to US Visa applications.

    The US visa requires you to declare all convictions, it really is up to you, if you consider it as minor, for instance some people see possession of a cannabis joint as minor, but US officials will see that differently.

    I did not declare a speeding offence and had no issues, I know of more than one person who has had difficulty when arriving in the states due to having worked in countries that the US deems to be unfriendly and have went through similar experience to regh, lots of questioning to why you had been in these countries
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    Not been in trouble with police since 16 yrs old. Speeding 3 points in 1986. (Touch wood) Never worked in another country. Assume my name flagged up, may be similar to known criminal.
    My nick name is Reg and no, my second name is not Kray.
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    contact the relevant uk department to find out if your convictions are actually spent and if they share that info with the usa.from what ive read the uk dont share spent conviction information with the usa so no need to declare.
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    Here's the link for the ESTA website of the US Govt. It's $14 to apply, and if it costs you any more you've gone through a 3rd party site that does the form for you and then charges a fee on top.
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    just tick NO to everything , i liked the question are you looking to carry explosives think you better tick NO here as well

    i had something in 1985 and ticked NO been in and out lots of times , and the visa only lasts 2 years by the way , no more than $14 make sure you get on the right site , it says at the bottom no need to print this form , i suggest you print it and keep it in the passport , i was ask for it in Brussels dont get me started on them wankers ,
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    A quick point.

    As a British Passport holder (presumably) you don't need a Visa.

    What is the Visa Waiver Program?

    The Visa Waiver Program allows foreign nationals from certain countries to travel to the United States for business or pleasure, for stays of 90 days or less without obtaining a visa. Travelers admitted under the Visa Waiver Program must agree to waive their rights to review or appeal, as explained in the Waiver of Rights section of the Application screen. See Who is eligible to apply for admission under the Visa Waiver Program? for further information.

    The ESTA is not a visa, it is a travel authorisation, ie. Electronic System for Travel Authorization. It was explained to me as authority just to get on the aircraft, it has absolutely nothing to do with what happens when you get to US immigration.

    Who is required to have a travel authorization?

    All passengers traveling under the Visa Waiver Program are required to have an approved travel authorization prior to traveling to the United States by air or sea. Even non-ticketed infants are required to have an approved travel authorization, if they do not have a visa for travel to the United States. An application may be submitted by a third party on behalf of a Visa Waiver Program traveler.

    The above quotes are taken from the ESTA Online Help page:
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    Thought that the visa waiver program was stopped 3 years ago and now all UK passport holders have to apply for a visa/esta through the US embassy else no admittance when you land - probably no seat either if you are planning to go with a US carrier. As previously said, can be applied for on-line $14-$15 per visa/esta. Think it is just another US tax method on visitors, as if you do not pay enough with the airport, landing tax, exit fees already.

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    Do I need a tourist visa?

    Currently, many British citizens traveling on a valid, individual machine readable passport, with a return or onward ticket, and who are staying for less than 90 days, qualify for the Visa Waiver Program and can travel visa-free with only an Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA).

    I personally have a B1/B2 visa which is different in that allows me to stay in the states upto 6 months at a time and for unlimited times over 10 years. I needed to go to the Embassy in London for that type of visa

    I found this but it is confusing as it says it "recommends" but not it is a requirement.

    I wonder if the home office might be able to help clarify?
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    In a similar boat to you around the same time and went to NY a couple of years ago without problem and didnt declare anything on the ESTA. Seem to remember that if you had any convictions you couldnt use the ESTA system and had to apply for a full visa???
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    We're planning to spend several thousands on a once-in-a-lifetime trip.

    I have a chequered history so we're applying for visa's with full ACRO declarations as we don't want to be refused entry a't the immigration desk'. No 100% guarantee's, they can be quite picky but considering the financial investment I think it's worth the belt & braces approach...
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    Why would anyone go to all this trouble to get into a shithole full of wankers?
  17. Squag1

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    And we're taking in boatloads and have no idea who or from where.

    I gather getting into Canada is equally as much fun.
  18. noobie

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    Mine was only a written police caution in 2006 for something silly but now it still shows up on Acro checks and enhanced dbs/crb checks and will show till I am 99 years of age as do all cautions written or verbal now.

    First I had to be sure of what visa I wanted, then fill in an online application, sometime later (mine was a few days) you have a long expensive phone call like a triage, they then give you a date to attend the Embassy and a pack arrives with what you have told them before your appointment date.

    I had to go to the Embassy in London in 2008 as I was applying for a B1/B2 visa which lasts 10 years and for periods in the states upto 6 months at a time.

    No matter what day or time they give you, allow the full day. You queue up outside where the usual hyper security checks happen, you then go and book in and wait in a hall/office waiting room. This may take about 1-5 hours but when you get in you will see why, there is a lot of people going there. I only waited an hour and a half.

    Then you get a tannoy call and you go to a semi private off shoot part of the building. Where a man or woman with absolutely no sense of humour and a face so stern she could be in the daily mail sad story, interviews you

    They ask why do you want to go to the states, some general info then about the reasons for the acro. ABSOLUTELY be 100% honest here, they already know everything but want to see if you can be trusted.

    After the interview they ask you to go and sit down and await a can be 30 mins or a few hours depending on the information. They then call you back and say yay or nay. I only had to wait 20 minutes.

    My case was yay so they take your passport off you which then gets sent to their approved visa place (again another charge) and then comes back to you by a special signed for courier within 10-14 working days (check this with them but I remember they do tell you how long if it is a yay)The American visa is bonded into your British Passport.

    Going through customs I have never had an issue apart from the usual why have you got a visa?..again the states immigration has had a humour polite and explain clearly and you'll be fine, by explaining I mean why a visa and not just a simple etsa like a holiday person. I've probably been stopped no more than twice since 2009.

    I hope that helps
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