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Discussion in 'Rider Skills Help' started by marcusfordus, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. marcusfordus

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    With some holidays to be used up before end of March and a few quid in my pocket, I thought I'd try and find somewhere I could go for some Advanced "On Road" training.

    I'm looking for something that's not too far away from central England and doesn't need overnight accomodation.
    I've looked up one but found ?425 a bit too hard to swallow for a 2 day course.

    Who comes recommended around here ?
  2. Murt

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    Ouch.. That's steep.
    Most training is for about 5 hours per day if over one day' training has been agreed. After that people get very tired, It's a lot to take in but great fun.
    We charge @ ?280 for two days if you are on your own bike ( And buy the tea).

    I would suggest you have a word with the local Police 'garage' ( Bikes if poss) and see if any of the lads do training for RoSpa or IAM when they are off duty. ( But RoSpa would be best). They will either point you at a good instructor, or 'help you out' for a lot less!!
    Or.. The local bike test centre, have a word with a bike examiner, they will tell you who to see, (Or who not to see !!) .

    I work out of Fleetwood, so I can't help with specific Companies I'm afraid.
    I would suggest you borrow ( or buy if you really have to) Motorcycle roadcraft, It's really informative, and sets you up for the instruction.
    Good luck with it.

  3. marcusfordus

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    That price

    came from ART of Sheffield, who get mentioned a lot on the UKGSer site.

    I bought and read the new Blue Roadcraft book over Christmas, and need to put some theory into practice, with no one watching I don't know if I got any of it right.

    Not seen any Notts bikes out on the roads for ages, in fact not seen ANY Notts police for ages :eek:
  4. Murt

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    The blue book's a good start.
    Notts may have got rid of the bike team, other police forces have!
    Don't know ART, but if they are mentioned or have a recommend from others, have a look on tinternet for other local training, find another price, and see if they will match it if it's cheaper :dunno:
    Good luck with it whatever way you go... Oh. Have a look for the DSA DiAmond advanced instructors, or see if any are registered on the DSA site, they may be more cash friendly, but the training is monitored by the DSA. ( It's one of the ones I was registered with, but the DSA have messed about so much with the charges just to go on the list, I have let it laps this year).

  5. Steve398

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    I have heard very good things bout Rapid, they work out of Bucks and they're cheaper!
    I'm on the Island and the bike's in France, so I'm out of it otherwise I'd have done it just for the buzz. I came off the register just before I went across to France. Used to do a 2 day course with an IAM or RoSPA test at the end, really enjoyed doing it..
    You'll have a great time on the course and enjoy your riding more as a result.
  6. Steve398

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    Just a thought, another member did some Bikesafe training with his local Police.

    Cheap and well respected too.
    Have no idea if Notts Police do it but Lincs Road Safety Partnership were active when I was in the job, and not too far from you
    Found this on the web:

    or keep an eye on the MCN (gotta be good for something) for Bikesafe training

  7. Minkey

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    Try Fast trak rider training at shrewsbury. Google it or Living Your Dreams

    Very good people :yo:
  8. cougarboy

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    I'm involved with a group that do advanced training in the Yorkshire area. Website at

    I think their courses are superb, and very reasonably priced. They offer four skills levels, I did them all over a couple of years and finally ended up being invited to become a volunteer helper on their off-road training courses (which are part of their on-road skills development...!).

    Drop me a PM if you have any questions.
  9. silverfox.xx

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    Murt chap, I've been offered DSA course for £100 a day, he reckons 2 days should be enough. Whats the difference with that and IAM test at about £85 + observers fuel cost? (apart from price)...
    Am I right in that the DSA course will give 30% insurance reduction?
    Is the certificate for life or does it have to be renewed?
    Sorry for hijack Mark.

    Just did a search.. I think its this one
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