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Discussion in 'Rider Skills Help' started by tryfan 64, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. tryfan 64

    tryfan 64 Registered User

    can some one tell me if can from a 2001 bird fit a 1998 mod cbr thanks
  2. laupd

    laupd Registered User Read Only

    From what I've read you can fit ltr cans on older (carb) bikes, but not the other way round. Also need to know if the cans have a sensor hole (think 2001 onwards?) which needs blocking if used on earlier bikes

    This is the first time Ive entered any help here so best someone with a brain verifes !
  3. Duck n Dive

    Duck n Dive Rebel without a clue ... Club Sponsor

    The sensor on the cat cans goes into the collector box ... not the cans
  4. Bodge

    Bodge Registered User Read Only

    Is there any benefit in replacing CAT cans with older model cans? are they freer flowing?. Was thinking of changing my CAT cans as I dont like the blueing.
  5. bmwdumptruck

    bmwdumptruck Come on you Hatters Club Sponsor

    Planning to do this myself if and when I upgrade to the newer model. The blueing is one reason. Power lost is another, but also the buggers can seriously burn you and your kit they get so bloody hot. A mate of mine buggered up an almost new jacket when he took it off, placed it on the seat and one arm fell over and laid against the cat for literally a few seconds and it melted a big whole in the arm. ?200+ jacket wrecked.

    I'm planning on swapping to std non cat cans, then have it set up on a dyno with a power commander, bit like Bike did to a 2000 Bird a few years back. Not tuned for outright power, but for spot on fueling, smooth seemless power curve as such. They seemed to suggest it returns the bike to full power and also made it more economical. Allready have a commander, just need the right bike and then the cans.
  6. ramo

    ramo rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Club Sponsor


    I've put std cans on mine, not any diff power wise, but as bmw says the cat section gets very hot, I burnt a big hole in trouser leg, thats why I swapped.
  7. Bodge

    Bodge Registered User Read Only

    Cheers for that, if I can find some cheap enough I may do it.
    I've got some micron race ali cans in the shed that I may have a play with. If not I might list them on here.
  8. johnnie5

    johnnie5 Registered User Read Only

    I was given a set of new cans off a 2006 xx after he put after-market on at purchase and never needed them. haven't bothered to unpackage them. Mines a 1999 model and are starting to get a few scratches on them from lazy people who dont lift their feet. Would these cans fit or is it more trouble than its worth.

    CBRDEAN0 Registered User Read Only

    Bit late but :

    They will fit but you are adding a cat in to the exhaust and causing a restriction.
    have a look at the link pipe part of the cans - the 2006 ones should be bigger diameter than your 99 ones. That's where the cat is.

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