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Pic.1 shows the VistaCruise as it is supplied

Step 1

Using a Junior hacksaw or Dremel tool, remove the right-angled lugs (shown circled) completely.

This should leave your Vista Cruise looking like this.

Step 2

You then need to drill and counter-sink a hole in the centre part of the lug remaining (shown circled) to take a 5mm counter-sunk head self tapping screw.

Pic.3 shows the throttle with the twist grip removed.

Step 3

Using a sharp craft knife, carefully pare off the ring that retains the twist grip (shown circled) down to the same level as the bar itself, around the whole circumference of the bar.


Use sandpaper or a file to make sure it’s nice and smooth.

It might look messy; that’s because it’s nylon and unless you

have the facilities to turn it on a lathe, getting it to look pretty

is impossible - don’t worry - it doesn’t show.

Step 5

Slide the VistaCruise onto the throttle body up to the switch housing (Pic.5), so that the hole you have drilled in the lug can be used as a pilot to drill the housing.

You should find that the hole will be just about in line with the starter switch.

Drill the body carefully, there is plenty of room when your drill goes through and you should not hit anything.

 Pic. 6 showing screw inserted through lug into housing (shown circled)

Step 6                                                                                     

Insert screw - do not over tighten - the housing is quite thin!  

Pic.7 shows the finished article with the twist grip replaced.

Step 7

You need to make sure that you fit the nylon washer supplied (shown arrowed), between the VistaCruise and the twist grip, before putting the grip back on.

It was not found necessary to use any glue on the twist grip.


It was not found necessary, on the two bikes that the cruise control has been fitted to in this way, to shorten the twist grip at all. 

Using the original method of removing part of the lug and locating between the throttle cables, it was found difficult to use the on/off switch as it is therefore positioned underneath the bar. 

With this method of fitting, operation of the on/off switch will be found to be much easier. 

The whole job can be completed in about 30 minutes as long as someone else makes the coffee!


Jaws - for supplying the VistaCruise(s)

Rolfy Dave - for Blackbird and excellent photos

Nealy - who was the only one with a clean hand!

Jan - for the coffee!