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What is B.I.R.D?

This site is for anyone with an interest in the Honda Super Blackbird.  It contains a wealth of knowledge built up over a number of years.  The current site is basically a facelift version of the old one created by 'Fat Bert'  who having done his bit has chosen to step down and let someone else take on the challenge. The acronym B.I.R.D. stands for:

Blackbird International Riders Domain

The information within this site has come from many sources and is contributed to help others answers questions they may have on various subjects.  If the information you require is not here just register on the B.I.R.D. forum by using the menu link and post your question there.  It is run by the same guy responsible for this site and he has written a little introduction about himself below.

John Smith "The BIRD Guru" or "Jaws"

A few words about myself…

After being born at a young age I steadily worked towards becoming an old fart.  At the age of 59 I have managed it chronological if not mentally !  I have been riding since I was 14 and have had some form of motorised two wheel transport at all times.  In 1971 I moved to the rural idyll that is Norfolk and settled down to the quiet life.. That quiet life included a fairly successful period of banger racing, and generally causing mayhem where ever I went.  Current bikes range from a carb’d Bird to a TW 125, with stuff like BMW GS’s in between.  Other stuff I am in to is ham radio, and (sadly!) campers (as in motorhomes not homosexual tent dwellers)  I am currently running a small company called Jaws Motorcycles, specialising in parts for the Blackbird


Finally a bit about (me) Feargus


I was born over 30 years ago in Guernsey in the Channel Islands.  For my 14th birthday I was given my first bike, a Suzuki A100, it didn't look anything special but it was mine and I loved it!  After leaving school I served in the Fleet Air Arm.  Following this I spent 6 years working for Westland Helicopters in Yeovil.   I am currently a research engineer in the Institute of Sound and Vibration at Southampton University.


I own a 2000 FI Blackbird previously owned by John (JAWS).  I also have a 1989 GSX-R 750 Slingshot and a 1986 RD350YPVS.  I've had the 'valve since 1989 and it is currently being rebuilt.