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The Honda Blackbird Silencer Autopsy

The OEM silencer is an extremely well put together piece of kit. It is of solid stainless steel construction, with substantial welds and three layers of silencing packing material.  Click on a picture to see a full sized image.  The first picture shows the basic construction with just the end cut off,

revealing the way the 'wrap' is used right to the very end of the silencer.  In the second picture you can see how the whole of the internals look as they are 'in place' and how tightly the wrapping is on the perforated tube.

In the third picture, the short perforated cone can be seen that extends in to the silencer body from the down pipe end.

Picture four shows this cone a little better, the three layers of wrap, and the substantial nature of the perforated tube which supports the wrap and the gas routing tubes that are mounted inside it.

Next, the wrapping was removed and the perforated inner sleeve was cut open to show how tubes welded inside the silencer increases the length the gas has to travel.

You will have to bear with me a little as the denoting letters are not in order, but here is how the silencer works.  The gases enter the silencer via the short perforated tube as seen in pictures two and three.  It is then forced through a perforated plate ( A1 ) and into a collecting area. From there it is forced through pipe 'C' and towards the further end of the silencer.
The gases are then forced back through pipe 'B' to a smaller collecting area, and finally up pipe 'A' and in to the outside world. Around pipe 'A' you can see a bulge( D ). This MAY be a
resonator, but I do not know for sure.

The final picture shows the perforated plate ( A1 ) slightly better.