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Discussion in '2018 McBash' started by russ_fae_fyvie, Sep 10, 2017.

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    Yes you read that right !

    We have only just got over the 2017 meet and due to its popularity the 2018 is already open for booking !

    I have just struck a deal with a Bikers Hotel in Pitlochry for the same weekend next year (31st Aug to 2nd Sept) for an all inclusive cost of £199 for 3 nights Bed, Breakfast and Evening Meal per person. The evening meal would be similar to this years, a cut down version of the full menu so they can manage us all at the same time.

    They have 10 doubles and 2, possibly 3 single rooms so it would be first come first served I'm afraid (plus PM's). If we need more there are other hotels nearby but I think this number would be best anyway.
    So if you can pop a reply on here to let me know if you're interested.

    Pitlochry is a lovely tourist town with some stunning roads all around so plenty of scope for the ride outs, which of course I will look at later !!

    The hotel is the Rosemount in Pitlochry if you want to check it out, looks better than this year anyway !!

    A lot of the rooms have already gone, there are a few double lest and we do have the option to get another 6 doubles so depending on the response we'll see what we take.

    Either reply to this or email me at russ(at)russquinlan.co.uk

    Also more details on the FB Page HERE
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    (Time to update your sig ;))
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    Sorted !! :)
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    Just a wee reminder for all those coming that the Hotel will need the rest of your deposit by the end of next week to make sure you all get the rooms you have pre-booked

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    Done Russ, Yvo sorted it!! (y)
  6. russ_fae_fyvie

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    Well done that man (and woman !!) :)

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