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    I come this way get to know an event that the "Clube XX Portugal" is organizing in Portugal next year. We would be honored to receive you.
    At the end of 2010, the ?Clube XX Portugal? joined an ambitious project: to beat the Guinness Record of the largest number of motorcycles of the same model in one place, covering the minimum distance required to 3500m. The idea was born in strength, breathing the entrepreneurial spirit of a group of people who want to make a difference and who risks something different from what is done in Portugal in the biker world.
    Optimistic and proud of the club they belong to, so expect its members to become increasingly bringing new people with other views and more ideas to add.
    Ambitious or not, the goal is to say that the Club XX meeting today in Portugal, but tomorrow that may also meet elsewhere in the world. In this spirit, the ? Clube XX Portugal? is pleased to leave here your invitation to the holders of a Honda CBR 1100 XX Superblackbird, to participate in what aims to be the largest event of its kind single brand, where riders of various nationalities can share the environment of celebration, fellowship and celebration.
    On May 26, 2012, we will achieve the worldwide recognition of the bike Honda CBR 1100 XX Superblackbird, do not miss this unique opportunity.
    You can make your registration in our site , where all the official information of the meeting " Set?bal de Mota no Guinness" will be available in several languages. Any questions do not hesitate to put on the site, which will be ready to clarify any doubts.

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