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Sport Womens Rugby


I can still see ya.....
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Frogs v Engerlandens.
Watched about 5 mins.
WTF are they doing?
Clumsy, can't run, can't catch.
Looks like a mega handbag sale
and they all just jump in..regardless.
Looks to me that someone could get
seriously injured, so many players out
of position at any one time.
Organized chaos more like and they
call themselves professionals?
I won't even mention the unsightly
cellulite wobbling about.
Ok, I just did.


Express elevator to hell
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Feck me.! You didn't half notice a lot in 5 minutes. Eat yer heart out Holmes.


I am Grasshopper!
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What really pisses me off with women’s rugby and football is the BB f’ing C are giving them equal coverage on their respective website pages. The genders need to be kept apart.

And yes, women’s rugby is shite.


Never surrender
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From this afternoons game it looks like the women have been giving the irish men lessons :D:D:couch: