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Who should pay?

Discussion in 'Legal Eagle Roost' started by derek kelly, Jan 30, 2018.

  1. derek kelly

    derek kelly The Deli lama Club Sponsor

    A friend of ours was estranged from her father for about thirty years, he disowned her our friend Shona received a phone call from a care home in Liverpool stating "get over here quick, your dad is dying
    He died an hour after shona got there, the home (grotty shit hole) gave her his paperwork & a bill for £10,000, she has discovered that he adopted four children, when she contacted them their response was "is there any money?"
    Should she have to pay for the care home & his funeral?
  2. Quiney

    Quiney Been there, and had one Club Sponsor

    Keyboard lawyers Derek - loads of different answers, perhaps none of them correct.
    Think they need professional legal advice on this one. IMO

    Just as an after thought, how did the bill from the home rack-up to 10k. Care/nursing homes will chase if even one months fees are missed.

    and a second thought, if they were estranged, where did the home get her phone number?
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  3. jeffa

    jeffa Been there, and had one Club Sponsor

    No, she had no contract with the care home
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  4. Squag1

    Squag1 Can't remember.... Club Sponsor


    Who brought him there?
    Who signed him in and next of kin??
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  5. derek kelly

    derek kelly The Deli lama Club Sponsor

    He gave her name as next of kin, no idea who put him in the care home, Shona says the care home is a real dodgy looking place & filthy.
  6. slim63

    slim63 Never surrender Club Sponsor

    Two things that come to mind, First she never signed as responsible for his care or for any fees so that's not her responsibility & I cant see any court in the land seeing it differently given the circumstances

    Second if someone dies without enough money to cover the funeral there is a government grant available, I believe this is £2000 I wouldn't advise she applies though as that could seem as if she is taking on responsibility for it & therefore other costs

    As ever the best advice is above , seek proper legal advice or at the very least talk to the CAB
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  7. andyBeaker

    andyBeaker Moderator Staff Member Moderator Club Sponsor

    Agree CAB first.

    Then tell them to eff off.

    But not necessarily in that order.
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  8. noobie

    noobie Clueless in most things Read Only

    Tell them to eff off

    If he was in there long enough to run up a £10k bill then the home would have had contact for a while with a next of kin. The home now has to chase up his estate and probably through his executor. If he had no assets and was having his care provided by the local council/social services then the home should chase them up. At this point, nothing to do with her
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  9. Quiney

    Quiney Been there, and had one Club Sponsor

    At any care home £10k amounts to 3 months worth. Having dealt with (and still am) this type of home, there is no way they would allow that amount to rack-up and would be in touch with everyone they could to get 'their dues'
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  10. andyBeaker

    andyBeaker Moderator Staff Member Moderator Club Sponsor

    I bumped into someone yesterday who works in this sector - while not to be totally replied on, their advice was 'they are trying it on'.

    As I say, don't rely on it as neither I nor they have access to the specific circumstances during our chat.

    As a rule of thumb, the resident only is liable, if they can't pay then the state pays unless specific other arrangements have been made.
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  11. derek kelly

    derek kelly The Deli lama Club Sponsor

    Much as I thought.

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