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What the ? What in the name of ...................


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And not to forget the frozen top of the (then freely distributed) free milk every morning. :facepalm:

and either a ruler across the knuckles or a blackboard rubber thrown across the classroom for pulling the pigtails of the girl sat in front of you in class :risas3:
Shouldn’t that post be in the ‘what I did today’ thread?

derek kelly

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Image result for are polar bears left handed

Image result for are polar bears left handed

Image result for are polar bears left handed

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Polar bears are not left-handed
. This is a common misconception—research has shown that both paws are used equally. You might say they are ambidextrous.
https://www.impactingourfuture.com › ...

Polar Bears Aren't Left Handed (and 9 Other Things You Didn't Know)



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I was raised in an era that STILL considered being left handed was quite rude in 'polite society'
As a natural southpaw I forced to use my right hand.. In one way it has proven handy most of my life because I am effectively ambidextrous, but I have always had terrible hand writing ( even by a doctors standard :) )

Ahh, school, over a mile walk in all weathers, having my left hand tied behind my back to encourage me to write with the 'proper' hand., standing outside the headmaster's office while he warmed up the table tennis bat, the 'cell' in the 4th year block where you were sent to wait if the headmaster was busy. Asbestos heat mats, bunsen burners, chemical labs, real live heavy machinery in the workshops, band saws, hand saws, chisels, freshly sharpened in the woodwork shop, proper food, cooked on site by Norah Batty lookalikes, all with the temperament of a Rotweiler sitting on a griddle.

I't s a wonder I survived at all


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It made a man of you, didn't it.
You are able to take all the crap here:D