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What the ? What did I do wrong?


Been there, and had one
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Ring, ring —— — — ring, ring

ah, that’s the landline, I’ve meant to get it disconnected as we don’t use it or give out the numbers, and it’s an “international” caller, no number obviously, but it doesn’t matter I’ll deal with it ;)

me - hello

them - clearly from the sub-continent and with a thick accent, you’ll have to read it that way “I am calling to you from HSBC, blah blah blah…………….”

I have nowt to do with HSBC, so game on

me - who do you want to talk to? This is the office of the Devon and Cornwall police hq, fraud squad

them - click - they hung up

I‘m offended I wasn’t able to take this any further. Clearly I’ve done something wrong, can I have some pointers how to deal with the next victim please? :)