Weekend in France.

Discussion in 'B.I.R.D. rideout scheduler' started by Wiz, Aug 17, 2014.

  1. Wiz

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  2. ScottyUK

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    Lovely area. We normally go via Givet (late lunch stop) on the way to the Eiffel Mountains/Mosel region etc.

  3. Wiz

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    Yeah we've been here a few times, it's a perfect place for a weekender as it's only about 200 miles from Calais. There are lots of great roads in the Ardenne, you can flip between France, Belgium and Luxembourg in an hour or two. The low mountains in France have some particularly good twisties, but they do have the occasional cobbled surface on random hairpins which can definitely keep the concentration levels up! :eek:
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    Please let us know if this is ever on the cards again, it looks fantastic and totally pissed off we saw it too late this year :bang:

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