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Wales Bimble 19 April 2015

Discussion in 'Missions Accomplished' started by Dark Angel, Apr 21, 2015.

  1. Dark Angel

    Dark Angel Still kickin' it! Club Sponsor

    Epi-i-i-c! :yo:

    It?s about 5 years since I?ve ridden a Blackbird ? I haven?t even sat on one since I sold my last ?Bird and switched to a ZZR1400 and now, having returned to my roots with a recently-purchased ?05 model, I was back in the saddle and on my way to meet up with Mr T Murphy Esquire, Akuji, and Samo for a two-wheel-based canter around the Welsh countryside.

    Due at Junction 10 of the M56 at 0730, at 0630 I found myself inwardly debating whether or not to trust the forecast for sunshine and scattered cloud. Eventually I opted for a natty combination of HG fabric jacket and Frank Thomas leather bottoms (quite an apposite little mix ?n? match - even if I say so meself), forgetting in my excitement to put some waterproof leggings under the seat. Luckily, the need for them never presented itself at any time during the day, which, instead of raindrops, afforded quantities of warm liquids served by pretty Welsh maids under bright, white-broken-clouded skies.

    Three of us hooked-up at J10 and set off for Bayston Hill Services, where we were joined by Ramo, and the day was begun in earnest ? which is not the best way to describe it as there was nothing at all earnest about the way that we gelled as a group, in terms of humour and, more importantly, road-craft. For me, it really was a fantastic day out that included cuppa?s and grub at Bayston Hill; Bala; Llanwddyn; and the Ponderosa: all in the finest weather.

    Riding around on a motorbike in the sunshine is really quite tremendous fun! :-0)

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