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Useless Council...


Been there, and had one
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Had a slight issue with the Premises Licence (alcohol) at our shop.Not a big issue,but one
where I could have done with speaking to someone sooner rather than later.
So I telephone Newcastle under Lyme Borough Council last Friday about 12.30.
I was transfered to the licencing Department..and the phone rang and rang and rang.
Just as I was about to give up a lady answered who wasnt from that department,she tried to help
and suggested I put everything in a email..she gave me the direct email to the people that I needed to speak to.
Checked emails for a reply monday...Nothing
Checked Tuesday still nothing..So I rang again.I was informed by a quite surly woman that it takes 10 days
to get a response to an email !!!!! 10 days.. And that I should leave it until next wednesday or so before I check my email again.
She was absolutely serious....And I also got the impression that I was bothering her,and that I was being unreasonable even questioning this!!!
I ordered a new battery for my old XJR13 wednedsay afternoon....Some place in London I believe.
It arrived Thursday afternoon..!!!!!
So some geezer from the smoke can get a heavy bike battery to me from london to North Staffs within 24
hours..but it takes some pen pushing council jobsworth 10 days to reply to an email...
I give up..I really do....
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Been there, and had one
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Try ringing anywhere and all you get is ‘due to Covid we are unable to answer”.

Dangerous Brian

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I feel your pain Eddy. I have been trying to corespondent with DVLA, it has only been a month so far and I'm hopeful that I have an answer before Christmas :BangHead: