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Tyres for Touring

Discussion in 'Touring Issues' started by TANK0700, Feb 6, 2008.

  1. choppernorgate

    choppernorgate steve Read Only

    well got em, on to soon to tell,
    turns quicker, more responce, new chain might have somthing to do with it too,
  2. choppernorgate

    choppernorgate steve Read Only

    Well tyers are run in now,
    this morning was wet, bike was planted very well, its a lot quicker turning in, and i got rid of the chicking lines,@tu* bridgestones b23 very good for the bird@tu*
  3. Big Bird Blue

    Big Bird Blue Registered User Read Only

    Mine has BT023's front and rear....been on a while and I do a shitload of miles. There's no sign of wear and they seem to be pretty OK in the wet too.
  4. steveCBR1100xx

    steveCBR1100xx Registered User

    BT023's are a good tyre for the 'Bird currently have a set of Pirelli Angel ST on her had them before and found them to be very good wet or dry they also last a fair old while I got over 7k out of the rear on last set and most of that was 2up riding
  5. 57grant

    57grant Registered User Read Only

    After a lot of miles on many blackbirds, my personal recommendation is Avon Vipers. Feel solid and planted around alpine passes when footrests are on the ground. Perfect directional stability and very willing to lean without resistance. Unlike the flatter profile tyres like the storms, which do not suit my riding style.

    Whatever you do, never make the error of fitting Dunlop qualifier 2 tyres on a blackbird. Dreadful, resistant to quick change of line, reluctant to lean and feel very vague and queast on long fast runs, I have a very nearly new pair on spare wheels if anyone is considering buying them I will let you fit mine to try them out before you decide!

    Good luck

  6. AV8TOR

    AV8TOR Sponsor Read Only

    7k bloody hell thats great miles out of a rear, riding two up wish I could get that.
  7. ChazUFO

    ChazUFO Registered User Read Only

    so what's changed in 2 years?

    Last post on here was nearly 2 years ago re tyres. I've got a Bird coming on Tuesday with BT23's on it, part worn, but still good. How does everyone feel about them now, grip and longevity wise.
    Is there anything anyone rates higher than these?
    I've got a 1500 mile tour in June and will do at least 1000+ miles before then so wondering if I'm going to need to budget for new tyres before I go if the ones on there are half worn?
    Mate of mine swears by some Michelin, 3 compond tyre out now, not sure of what they're called (helpful I know) . Does anyone know what these might be and if they are any good on a blade.
    Cheers all
  8. 4_4_2

    4_4_2 Registered User Read Only

    Blade or Bird?

    Anyway your friend is referring to Michelin Pilot road 3's. I have Pilot road 2's on mine, and I like them The 2's are a dual compound as opposed to the tri compound 3's, slightly cheaper, and for the sort of riding and mileage I do, perfectly adequate. I had BT020's on it when I bought it and thought they were good, until I put the Michelins on, then my bike totally changed character. The steering was SOOOO much quicker with the Michelins, I nearly fell off on the first bend it dropped on its side so fast!! If the tyres on yours are old or low on tread change them sooner rather than later, you WILL notice the difference..:yo:
  9. ChazUFO

    ChazUFO Registered User Read Only

    Thanks 4 4 2
    It's a 2000 Bird. I know I'm going to need a new chain and sprocket, maybe even a front and rear suspension tweak, just wondering if tyres are going to need sorting too before I go. I'll know more on Tuesday evening when I've collected the bike.
    I'll be doing this tour in Europe, then my riding will be a mix of fast motoway
    runs and A/B road twisties when I can get out for pure pleasure. Riding style is progressive and smooth. No slouch, but not a manic speed freak,,,, well, not yet anyway! We'll see after having the Bird for a bit!!
    How many miles do you expect to get out of the Mich's you have fitted?
    Any idea how long the 023GT's might reasonable last?
    Been searching threads, so have bits and bobs here and there, but a lot of older posts from a year or two or more. Looking for updates to see how people feel abut them all now.

    SILVTEC Registered User Read Only

    Had three sets of Pilot Road 2's on mine and loved them. Currently got Road 3's on and have done about 5k on them, even better. Loads of life left in them but as I'm touring France and Spain next month I'm going to have another set fitted before I go. Strange thing is that the front and rear seem to be wearing at the same rate.
  11. ChazUFO

    ChazUFO Registered User Read Only

    I'm off to Spain and France as well. Heading out from Plymouth on 9th June. Still bouncing around with either the N260 south side of the mountains in Spain, or the north side which will be cooler. Heading to a mates place in France near Puivert for a day (2 nights) then heading back to Le Harvre over 3 days (2nights) to get the high-speed ferry back to Portsmouth the night of 16th June. Been getting some advice by a guy called Dennis who has a site called Roadtrouper. Mine of useful Spanish riding stuff and since I haven't been that far south before he's been really useful.
  12. trippo00

    trippo00 Registered User Read Only

    Road Pilot 2's or 3's for me @tu*@tu*@tu*
    In fact i have currently got 1 of each on cos of a punture a had, and i happened to have a part worn 3 in me shed @tu*

    As for mileage........between 5 and 6k out of the back tyre and 9 out the fronts @tu*

    Grip.....very confidence inspiring in both wet and dry, but the 3's give a bit more over the 2's

    As last time i chose the 2's as michelin were doing the fitting for free, so they were 35 cheaper @tu*

    So it is always worth asking for any tyres that get supplied with free fitting to save some money
  13. Roebuck

    Roebuck Registered User

    Just completed 2000 miles through Spain & France on a new set of Pirelli road Angles, can't fault them warm up really quick and stick like glue wet and shine.@tu*
  14. gregsw

    gregsw Registered User

    Avon Storm Ultra 2

    Putting on 3rd set of Avons for trip 2 up with Givi etc. Like to try different rubber and considered Michelon Pilot Road 3's. Travelling bud has put Michelins on his K1300s so I'll see how they get on. Really can't fault Avons. I have 6000 miles on current set and rear is shagged, feathered right to edges in Spain last year. Front still has good 1k left in it but I always change a pair. Good value too, got pair for ?176 delivered from National Bike Tyres.

    Have a good trip. Stay safe.
  15. gregsw

    gregsw Registered User

    N260 (god made it for bikers)

    If you've found the N260 don't think you need any advice! It is like a magnet for us now each summer. Barcelona for GP then back up through Ripoll towards Andorra then mountain pass to Sort and home via Pamplona to Santander. @tu*
  16. ScottyUK

    ScottyUK Filtering Through Club Sponsor

    For touring (and my commute) the new Avon Storm 3D's need a mention in this thread. I had them fitted yesterday replacing my Storm Ultra 2's as they seem made for the job (and indeed are!)

    High performance plus extended mileage
    The X-M version will deliver 15%-20% extra mileage compared to the current Storm range
    Interlocking three dimensional points hidden in the sipes to improve stability and grip, limit tread flex and allow the tyre to warm up quickly (3D Sipes)
    High performance single and multi-compound super rich silica tread enhances wet grip (SRS)
    Superb handling and stability characteristics
    Typical fitments: Suzuki Hayabusa, Honda Blackbird, Kawasaki GTR1400, Suzuki GSX1400

  17. WhiteKnight

    WhiteKnight Registered User

  18. silverfox.xx

    silverfox.xx quocunque jeceris stabit Club Sponsor

    Avon Storms or Pirelli Angel GT's...

    Storms Ultra II, 9k rear, front flattened off on side at 12k miles but rest of tyre 'would' have seen a 2nd rear out.

    Angel ST, too soft for touring with luggage.

    Angel GT, harder centre, jury's out how these wear.

    Not yet found a tyre that the front will do 2 rears, with the birds weight and potential weight full loaded... (about 400kg) 230kg + 185kg approx.
  19. ChazUFO

    ChazUFO Registered User Read Only

    Well, just taken the plunge and ordered the new Avon 3D XM's for the Bird. £240 less the £30 off in June so £210, and that's fitted with both wheels on the bike. Fingers crossed they're an improvement on teh Storms Jaws loves so much.
  20. twed44

    twed44 Registered User

    190 section?

    Hi all,

    Would anyone know if you can fit a 190 on the rear?
    I used to do that on the blade, but looking at the space between the current 180 on the Blackbird & the center stand legs it looks like it could rub?
    Has anyone done it without problems or would it just be a no go with center stand?
    On a whole new note, the clock on the dash for time is goosed, looks like it probs has the original battery inside that was used way back in 97 ha ha.
    How would you change the battery or sort it? It's so annoying as it dimly shows a totally wrong time, but pressing the hr or sec button does nowt? :-/

    Hope you's can advise!
    Cheers, David

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