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Tyres for Touring

Discussion in 'Touring Issues' started by TANK0700, Feb 6, 2008.

  1. Mikaela

    Mikaela Registered User

    Pilot Road 2

    I have used Michelin Pilot Road 2 on my Blackbird, front and rear, and I didn?t like it.

    Very sensitive to roadmarkings and a strange slippery feeling when cornering hard. On top of that they didn?t last very long, at least not any longer than the old Pilot Road but of course longer than the Metzler Z6.

    My friend has got the PR2 on his BMW K1200s :eek: and he?s very satisfied with them and also got very good milage.
  2. Artemis

    Artemis Sweetie Goddess Club Sponsor

    Oooooh a newbie!!!

    Hello Mikaela and welcome.

    Want a sweetie little boy/girl?
  3. jono49

    jono49 Registered User Read Only


    :-0) I have now fitted avon storms A lot of people on here rated them, Also the price was good ?150 A pair!
  4. VifferGuy

    VifferGuy Registered User

    Ouch, I have storms on my VFR and they've covered 8000 miles so far, easily another 4000 in them. Obviously different bike, weight, riding style etc etc but 3500 sounds pretty poor to me.
  5. wuz_uk

    wuz_uk R.I.P. member Read Only

    Hi Geoff how are you finding the combo?? as i am thinking of the same myself any input would be great............ thanks :bow:
  6. Geoff James

    Geoff James Registered User Read Only

    Hi Wuz - full end of life evaluation here: http://www.flyingferrets.eclipse.co.uk/info/bikes/tyres/tyres.htm. Hope that you find it interesting. Next front tyre will be the newly-released VP2 as the importer wants me to evaluate it.


  7. wuz_uk

    wuz_uk R.I.P. member Read Only

    Have bookmarked the site great review will be trying that combo Tomorrow thanks for that

    all the best Chris :yo:
  8. ramo

    ramo rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Club Sponsor



    I had this combo on my old vtec, as recommended by the the fitter, he said apparently some probs with some storm fronts. Anyway It was brill, I got 5000miles, storm rear (2200 miles viper rear)
    7200 miles viper front and the viper front was still good.

  9. wuz_uk

    wuz_uk R.I.P. member Read Only

    Yes got them fitted so will be trying them ............ the fitter says its quite a common combo and i should be happy with them, but i wouldnt expect him to say anything else :-0) i will let you know how i get on with them :yo:
  10. jono49

    jono49 Registered User Read Only


    :eek::eek::eek::eek: Just turned 23,000 miles and the rear Storm is "fooked"!!!!!
    Soooooo just under 3,000 miles that one lasted!
    Just bought a new one let's hope this one lasts longer, But what should make The new one last is not hanging around with R1s and Blades on Sundays!!!???
  11. Geoff James

    Geoff James Registered User Read Only

    You've got it in one:bow: I live on one of the great riding roads in the north island - a 300 km loop of twisties and sweepers with a pretty grippy surface. I only use the bike for "fun" riding now that I've retired and that's why I only get 7000-odd km out of mine!
  12. jono49

    jono49 Registered User Read Only


    :-0) 7,000km sounds good Geoff until you convert it to miles!!
    One thing I have noticed about the rear storm it has squared off slightly
    But it doesn't have that vague feeling you get with some tyres when they square off!!
    Last edited: Jun 1, 2009
  13. Geoff James

    Geoff James Registered User Read Only

    Mine has hardly squared off at all but again, that's probably a function of there being more twisties than straights where I live! Like many others, I've wondered about Roadsmarts and Angel ST's, but why change something that performs superbly? (The Storm rear, that is)

    I'll write up my evaluation of the new Avon VP2 front in due course.

  14. tattooman

    tattooman Registered User Read Only


    Bridgestone O21s for me all the way
  15. jono49

    jono49 Registered User Read Only


    p0pc0rn41I'll try O21's one day just to try them, my mates got them on his Blade but it's a much lighter bike!!!
  16. Quietman

    Quietman Registered User

    I was running 021's before and loved them but just fitted the 023's and love them even more, smooth and have great corner grip for a touring tire. I'll see what the mileage is like when I'm back from Portugal in 3 weeks time.
  17. AV8TOR

    AV8TOR Sponsor Read Only

    This was a post I put on about tyres a few weeks ago now.

    OK so we have tried BT 020/021/023GT Avon Storm's & have liked them all, I have listed how I personally rated them below

    BT020 Grip great in hot & cold weather good in the wet with no problems on overbanding, mileage about 3500/4000 from a rear but they did tend to square off after a bit 1 front would last 2 rears although the front would end up stepped by the end of your 2nd rear. All in all 7 out of 10 & would still put a set on the Bird.

    BT021 Just as above but did find them squared off a bit sooner & about the same mileage 7out of 10

    BT023 Rear only with a 021 on the front as the 020/021 better in the wet & still squared off but a bit later & would like to try a full set next time 8 out of 10

    Avon Storm's Right from to first turn of the wheels you knew you had good rubber under you in the wet they are the best set of tyres I have had on the Bird the only down side for me was the mileage about 2500 but wow what a 2500 miles but just not cost effective ( it has been said the low mileage could be down to the surface of the roads in Scotland ) 8.5 out of 10

    Today we have fitted a pair of Pirelli Angels & have to say they had the same efect as the Storm's wow what a difference they make to the bikes handling we have to wait for a ride in the wet to see how the cope but so far they feel great.

    So how do I rate them now, Wet or Dry Hot & Cold Solo or with Pillion Fully Loaded or out for a Razz...Fookin awesome & they are the a mega step up from Avon ST & I can.t see me putting a lesser rubber hoops on my bike, if you have a chance to change you won't be sorry Pirelli Angels now the holder of 7 FIM world records speeks volume:bow::bow:
  18. smallscottishbloke

    smallscottishbloke Registered User Read Only

    Just got Bridgestone's latest BT023's (GT) and did 1000+ miles round Scotland and must admit I'm impressed, great in the wet too, lots of good tires out there right now but you've gotta remember the Bird is a very powerful big heavy bike that demands the best rubber.
    I'm happy with my choice so far.@tu*
  19. rushwind

    rushwind Registered User Read Only

    had 021'son vfr and on bird, would look for something with a bit firmer middle for long touring tho, maybe mich
  20. choppernorgate

    choppernorgate steve Read Only

    Im going for Bridgestones b23, had 21s at 21k now at 40k
    i had to have a deablo put on the rear as it was all they had for the mot
    4 months ago and it gone all ready:xm
    so in the morning new 23s go on, let you know how they do;-0))

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