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Tyres for Touring

Discussion in 'Touring Issues' started by TANK0700, Feb 6, 2008.

  1. TANK0700

    TANK0700 big soft, not so cuddly Read Only

    Me and Pam off to France / Spain in September c/w full Givi set and was hoping for advice on the best tyres , approx mileage 2800 round trip, I have Avon Storms on at the moment , they came with the bike and I find them good.

    I know I will need a new set for the tour so what do you recommend :dunno:
  2. awg

    awg Registered User Read Only

    Stick with new Avon Storms.

  3. doghouse103

    doghouse103 Registered User

    Try Bridgestones new 021's I've been using them since they come out and before that the 020's. I covered 5000 miles touring from the north of scotland all through Austria and Switzerland last year with full Givi luggage, camping gear etc. i'm changing the tyres next week as they've now done 7200 miles which I think is excellent
  4. Geoff James

    Geoff James Registered User Read Only

    The Storms are the best tyre I've ever had on the 'bird for our conditions. However, the NZ importer wanted me to try a Storm rear/Viper sport front combination and I got the Viper for free to evaluate for them. I've only done 500 km so far in hot dry conditions but it feels beautifully planted. Provided it sticks as well as the Storm in the wet and lasts as long as the rear tyre, then I may consider sticking with the Viper front.
  5. brig

    brig Guest

    I got a set of avon storm march last year they were recomended the help stop the squaring off but to be honest I have not noticed much difference than with the old batlax everyone else seems to think that they are the dogs.
  6. Johnny Blade

    Johnny Blade Registered User Read Only

    bt 021

    went to Italy lake garda two up and two trips on the ring 4000 miles 16 days lots of mountain passes the stelvio the lot bt 021 the mutts nuts just put a new rear on 7600 miles good enuff for me.
  7. valhalla

    valhalla By The Seat Of My Pants Read Only

    I have Storms on mine and find they stick like anything but particularly when its wet or just damp....Found it gave me more confidence through the Austrian mountains than my mate who had 021's.......But.......have to say I only got 3500 miles out of them when my mate got over 6000 with the 021's...

    Horses for courses and six of one
  8. I was really happy with 020's so went for 021's without hesitation. I wasn't happy with the grip on French roads, i only felt confident when the tarmac was perfect. Dropping the pressure in the front by a few pounds helped. Having read the forum, i will be trying Avon Storms next.bl4hbl4h bl4hbl4h bl4hbl4h
  9. hantsdave

    hantsdave Registered User Read Only

    just got back from a trip with bikers oracle had bridgestone 021 on with full set of givi and they have done 2400 miles and need to be changed both front and back ??? ,i used to get 4000 miles out of 020 so don't think much of 021 for touring.
    a few people had mitchelins and they looked good so i will give them a try next time.
  10. Jon

    Jon Registered User Read Only

    I've just got back from a 3,500 mile tour of France, one up with givi luggage. I put Avon Storms on before the trip and I'm amazed at how well they've worn. Still at least as many miles left in them and not much squaring off. I felt really confident with them in the Tarn and verdun Gorges. I've used BT020's and Contri Road Attack in the past and the Storms are my favourite.
  11. Arry

    Arry Registered User Read Only

    Avons for me too. Tried the Bridgestone 020's and the 021's and just didn't like them in the wet greasy crap much. Great when it's WET, with a capital pissingdown, and supurb in the dry, but that drizzle, greasy, diesel crappy slipperyness they were somewhat arse. Never felt planted and had a few minor moments of slideyness even going fairly slowly, especially on roundabouts. Shoved the Avons on (which I had on my previous ST) and they are something else. Always planted, always sticky and nicely profiled. Good wear and just nice for tootling or tromping on.

    Even 2-up, all over Ireland and France, with loads of luggage, and me being a right fat knacker, they have worn really well and not squared off noticeably even with hundreds of motorway miles.
    I like 'em!

    I also had Conti-Road Attacks on my previous ST, and they felt really great too. Tempted to fit them next just to see how they fare against the Avons. Coz they are cheaper. And did feel as good on the ST. But I heartily recommend Avons.
    Never had much joy with Michelins though. Any make! Z4's were the absolute worst tyre I ever had fitted on any bike.
  12. valhalla

    valhalla By The Seat Of My Pants Read Only

    Having recently returned from a trip to Austria I have to say that the new Dunlop Sportmax roadsmarts are just O.K...good wear and reasonable grip around the pass turns but never felt really stable on the front end like the Storms gave me and also not as good when its pissing down..Good mileage but I do tend to think its always how you ride, what weight you carry and indeed, how many motorways that you are willing to use.....I dont think that there really is a perfect touring tyre its just where you go, what the roads are like and how you ride it....Some fair better in the wet than others and I think if you have the missus on the back then that is probably the most important factor
  13. rattyking

    rattyking Registered User


    got nearly 5,000 miles from 021's but going for storms this time to compare them,bonus is that they are cheaper too
  14. jono49

    jono49 Registered User Read Only

    Storm Vs metzler

    I to fancy trying the storms, my bike is currently running
    020s which were fitted at 14,500 miles by the previous owner-
    Now at 20,280 miles and still have 3mm on them!
    I've had good wear rate with Metzler Roadtec Z6 But that was on
    A bike with 76 Bhp Has anyone tried them on a Bird and had good
    Wear rate?
    Finally " Conti-RoadAttack" lasted only 2,400 miles on a kawasaki zr7
    And two punctures to boot So god only knows what they'll be like
    On a BIG BIRD!:dunno:
  15. andyBeaker

    andyBeaker Moderator Staff Member Moderator Club Sponsor

    The Storms are the best I have used on the Bird in 60,000 miles of different tyres. 020s were terrible.....

    Don't be fooled though, the Storms will square off the same as any other tyre well before the tread is worn down, but should take 5/6000 miles before it becomes noticable. Strangely, when they do start squaring off the handling gets a bit vague and feels like you are riding on rubber!!
  16. jono49

    jono49 Registered User Read Only

    Storms it is!

    Thanks for the advice Andy
    Storms it is I think? got a good price from BCT tyres today for storms ?150
    Mail order! (I fit and balance my own) bridgestone 021s ?160-No contest
    But i'm still curious about the metzlers as iv'e had really good results with these in the past?:dunno:
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2009
  17. C8R1100XX

    C8R1100XX Registered User Read Only

    Does nobody on here like the pilot road2, I was told they would give the best milage are excellent in the wet and very good in the dry. Sounds like everything you want in a tyre if its true. I have not used them yet as i'm still on the bt 21 that came with the bike when i bought it. But I do know a few people who use them on other bikes and they swear by them. I'm due a new set very soon and these were the ones I had decided on getting. Not the cheapest tyre but I don't mind spending a little more if it means a better tyre.
  18. scottalej

    scottalej Registered User Read Only

    I have Pilot Road 2 on the VFR and I prefer them to the bt21. They feel much more planted in all conditions, a very reassuring tyre. I got 8000 miles out of the rear bt21 and the Pilot looks good for at least that. I don't think Michelin recommend them for the Bird but I'm sure if you're not wringing its neck everywhere they'd be fine.
  19. C8R1100XX

    C8R1100XX Registered User Read Only

    Mitchelin UK do not recommend them for the Bird but Mitchelin USA does, so unless the Bird or the tyres are different in the USA which I dout very much. And knowing what I know about the USA they would not recommend something that was not suitable because somebody would get very rich by it when they get sued. I am more inclined to believe the USA.
  20. jono49

    jono49 Registered User Read Only

    Lets start page three of this tyre thread!

    8ree!The only thing I have against the michelins is the price! And
    I take my hat off to anyone who can get 8,000 miles out of a rear tyre!
    I myself have not got the self discipline, I have to much of a liking for
    Drag stripping coming out of 30mph limits, then there is "HARTSIDE" which
    Takes care of the rest of the tyre!

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