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Today's North-west Rideout

Discussion in 'Missions Accomplished' started by Dark Angel, Jul 5, 2015.

  1. Dark Angel

    Dark Angel Still kickin' it! Club Sponsor

    MikeyW64; Chris; John & DA...

    ?were a FOO-OO-OO-OO-OO-kin? CRACKER!! :yo:

    Big, BIG thanks to MikeyW64 for his ride-meisterin? and also a massive ?ta-very-much-lads? to Chris and John for their company ? it were a reet beltin? day!

    Not even the bit of damp at the end of the ride could spoil it and I hope we can get out again soon ? I?ll do the front stuff if necessary and try my best to keep the flies off Mikey?s nose. :-0)

    I didn?t take any pix, but I hope you guys can post the mug shots ya made so the stop-at-homes on here can get summat for their dartboards!

    Brilliant day it was ? here? to the next one! :beer:
  2. mikeyw64

    mikeyw64 Registered User Read Only

    A cracking day out with a nice mixture of roadsand just mildly moist at the end

    Enjoy your curry Eric, I think I may order a kebab
  3. mikeyw64

    mikeyw64 Registered User Read Only

    ah that bit of rain has cleared most of the insects off :)
  4. Chris26

    Chris26 Registered User Read Only

    smashing day out lads thanks for your company & Mikey for taking us round look forward to the next day out

  5. mikeyw64

    mikeyw64 Registered User Read Only

    goes to look for my magnifying glass ;o)
  6. Vinterceptor

    Vinterceptor Been there, and had one Club Sponsor

    Awesome day out

    Great day out lads and good to see ya@tu*

    :beer: for takin the time out to organize & post up about the run DA. thoroughly enjoyed that spirited ride up to Hawes followed by that amazin glide through Buttertubs and on to Tan Hill. What superb roads and scenery (yep still can't believe I have never been on that road before)

    Will post a couple of pics later.... but I'm even slower at sorting pics out than I am at getting the box brownie to work:dunno:
  7. Vinterceptor

    Vinterceptor Been there, and had one Club Sponsor

    Here's a couple o' pics

    Bikes parked up at Slaidburn

    A well earned stop at Tan Hill Inn
  8. mikeyw64

    mikeyw64 Registered User Read Only

    that tripod worked well @tu*
  9. Dark Angel

    Dark Angel Still kickin' it! Club Sponsor

    The whole day worked well, Mikey. @tu*

    Just for those who might be interested, the route we followed was one devised and led by Mikey, starting with a meet-up at Rivington Barn (the Top one), followed by a bit of a flirtation with the M65 before getting onto the country road to Slaidburn, where the first of our magnificent portraits was produced by John the Vinny.

    I say “produced” by John the Vinny because it truly was all his own work. He was forced to undertake the task after sacking the local cameraman he’d hired for the day because the bloke couldn’t actually work a camera. Bit of a shaky start, but it’s tough to get decent staff these days unless you’re using an agency (just a thought for the future there, Vinny)… ;-0))

    After that, we made our way (eventually) to Hawes – and I believe we’ll feel the pull of those pasties for the rest of our days, lads… :lick: Then it was on to – in a high-spirited way - Tan Hill. With bellies packed wi’ pasties; in beautiful weather and on warm, dry roads, we (John, Chris and I) slowed the pace to enjoy the fantastic views – so much so that Mikey was on the last dish of a four course meal when we finally rolled up to the Inn – but it was that kind of a day – know worramean…? :-0)

    Finally, down to the Bridge of the Devil for coffee - before a dispersal that took Mike and John in one direction – and Chris and I in another. Even then, the adventures kept coming until we had to stop and wait while the police cleared a crashed car from the road. Nothing to do with us, of course – we were “just passing through the area” – honest! :whi5tl:

    Not long after that, Chris and I parted company and I legged it for home, straight down the A59 and was back in good time for me curry – which went down an absolute treat! A perfect end to a perfect day.

    Thanks again, Mikey and the men - see ya soon, guys. :yo:

    Ride Safe.
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2015
  10. mikeyw64

    mikeyw64 Registered User Read Only

    a little bit of petic licence there, I had time to park up, take my lid off , roll a cig and have a couple of puffs :)

    We actually ended up going the same way for a while before hanging a left back to Slaidburn via the Gisbourn Forest (once I worked out the correct turning)
  11. mikeyw64

    mikeyw64 Registered User Read Only

  12. Chris26

    Chris26 Registered User Read Only

    great photos John
  13. Dark Angel

    Dark Angel Still kickin' it! Club Sponsor

    Yeah? I was wavin? like a loon as you turned left onto the A682 at Gisburn, just after we got tangled up with a couple of bikes after turning right at the mini roundabout - but you were fully-focused on your riding, which ain?t a bad thing at all?! @tu*
  14. mikeyw64

    mikeyw64 Registered User Read Only

    Did I say turned left ? Oh I did, meant right!!!
  15. Alexhoc

    Alexhoc Registered User Read Only

    Was that on the A65? If it was, I left DB a little while before you towards Skipton, and met the emergency vehicles going full pelt the other way. It wasn't so bad until we met the fire engine, on the resurfaced bit, nearly losing the rear on a tight turn! That's not something you want to see sideways...

    Looks like a good ride out, I'll have to join you some time!
  16. Chris26

    Chris26 Registered User Read Only

    apologies i missed that, got a mile down the road and noticed you weren't their nipped back didn't see you so guessed you must have carried on straight, @tu*

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