The "poor mouth" churches.

Discussion in 'Coffee Shop' started by Centaur, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. Centaur

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    This is the religion which can't afford to maintain it's churches without crying "poor mouth" and begging for help. Money is power and they want to hold on to every penny. "Feck the poor" is their motto.
  2. andyBeaker

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    Visiting The Vatican did make me wonder why so many church roofs are leaky.
  3. Ajeman

    Ajeman Old Hand Club Sponsor

    Surly they should just pray for global warming to stop? Or will it be another thing put down to "God works in mysterious ways"?

    And the £8.4 Bn that they have invested would go a long way to feeding the poor and homeless and any other issue they collect for, why are they hording it in investments.

    A quick look says that the Church of England is worth around £22Bn (2014) so they can afford to do quite a lot, but are refusing to spend it. As they see fit to judge everyone according to there moral code surely we should follow suit and stop giving to charity and use that money to invest in companies?
  4. Lee337

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    I was reading a couple of days ago about the number of churches & cathedrals close to going bankrupt. A couple have already agreed IVAs with their creditors (I think Peterborough Cathedral was among them).

    The church of England was pleading for government funds to avoid having to sell cathedrals to cover their debts, worried that "other religions" could snap them up and turn them into "other prayer establishments".

    Isn't it about time the churches dipped into their own pockets, whether Church of England or the Catholic church?
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  5. slim63

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    The church of England are one of the biggest landowners in the country & its not just churches they own so to my mind if they want to listen to fairy stories in a big posh building let them flog off some of the other shit to pay for it or even better get a proper job

    And why don't we have a w*****r's emoji ?
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  6. noobie

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    They need to have lots of cash to keep paying hush money
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  7. derek kelly

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    The Church is full of hypocrisy & corruption, they claim to follow the word of God & they claim the Bible is the word of God so how is it we now have homosexual vicars? How do we have female vicars? How is it that gay marriages are carried out in churches? how is it that divorced people can get married in church? Why are children not safe around clergy?
  8. andyBeaker

    andyBeaker Moderator Staff Member Moderator Club Sponsor

    Other than the last point - because the world has moved on.
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  9. Cougar377

    Cougar377 Express elevator to hell Club Sponsor

    The Bible is just an abridged, edited collection of first hand accounts, stories and fables, etc.

    I read somewhere that the various elements that were being reviewed to create the first "edition" of the bible were massively contradictory, which means that the bible (as we know) it is just one interpretation of what happened during those times.
    The equivalent would be a group of "literary elites", some time in the future, taking various selected pages out of the Harry Potter books to create one book that a new religion would then be based on....:eyepop:

    How people can put their trust and live their lives based on something like that completely escapes me....

    As far as I can tell, most religions are indistinguishable from organised crime.
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