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The best "Blackbird parts" company in the world...probably.. [apologies to Carling]

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I have absolutely no clue, how Jaws deals with his customers. However i just have to buy something from a man, who obviously reads Terry Pratchett.

Actually i'd like to know, if someone already imports those custom parts to Finland. Old knees might want lowered pegs and better way to adjust front would be also appreciated. Gotta admitt, that Suzukis i've owned did that part way better.


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Hello Wauwau

You'd probably be better posting on the usual part of the help bit rather than in this sticky! Or just email Jaws direct!

Andy flynn

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jaws is the man!

thanks for the advice on the exhaust and service mileages you've saved me a few bucks .


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Seeing that someone decided to use my bike for spares(got to my bike and noticed my fairing bolts were gone) I got hold of jaws and great service is a under statement!


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Thanks folks.... When all I can offer to beat the big boys is customer service such feedback means a bloody lot to me
really is much appreciated. :blush:



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I'm new to a BB and have bought a 1999 and found Jaws. Great product selection, reasonable prices, easy to browse, quick delivery and safely packaged. Plus a helpful and knowledgable voice on the end of the line. Thanks John. I'm still spending money on mine!!
Matt @tu*


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Suspension Upgrade

9 year old BB with just 28k on the clock but thought I'd treat myself to a suspension upgrade.

Contacted Jaws (John) who provided the advice I was after and after supplying required parts, helped my local garage set-up the suspension matching to my style of riding and weight profiles (solo, solo & opillion etc).

Have to say, handling is tranformed. At all speeds, bike turns in smoothly without effort and goes round corners like its on rails.

A great investment for not a lot of money.

Thanks John !


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Parts and Accessories

I've had loads of parts from David Silvers over the years, but they are very expensive. John and Toni at Jaws have always been very helpful and they have loads of nice bits. I've actually had John on the phone explaining how to fit parts before now. Great place to buy you Bird bits.


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My first purchase, & I couldn't fault the service.
Met up with Gary on Easter Sunday to collect my SW Motech luggage system.
A big thumbs up from me @tu*.
Any news on the spacers yet:whi5tl: