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SW Mo-Tech Luggage Rack


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For those of you want hard saddlebars for your XX but also want a nice clean look when they're removed, look no farther than the removable luggage racks from SW Mo-Tech in Germany.

These racks accomodate the mounting of GIVI, Kappa, Hepco&Becker, Shad, Krauser, Bieffe, Nonfango, Alu-Koffer, and other hard side cases.

I can remove my Givi E360s and the mounting racks in less than 20 seconds using only a 13mm spanner. Actually, it's so easy to remove the rack that I usually remove it with the side cases still attached and just set them aside.

The only real change to your bike will be moving the stock turn signals a bit outward and downward using the included mounting brackets. If you have flush mounted signals, you won't even have to bother with this step.

To install these brackets, the rear cowling must be removed
so that you can unplug the turn signal wires from the
connectors located beneath the PGM-FI UNIT. Then, remove the
turn signals from the rear fender.

Install the supplied turn signal brackets and reconnect the
turn signal wires beneath the PGM-FI UNIT. Reinstall the
rear cowling and you're done with that step.

The rear cross support bracket fits perfectly behind rear fender and only needs one additional hole to be drilled in order to accept
the mounting bolts.

Once this step is completed, install the mounting lugs that fit alongside the grab rail and tighten the bolts.

Then install the mounting lugs to the front bolt hooks and muffler brackets. It's best to leave these a bit loose until the rack is installed.

Put the side racks together per the instructions and then install them into the mounting lugs and cross bracket. This puts everything into the correct position for easy removal and installation later on.

Just tighten the four mounting lugs and you're finished.

When you want to restore the original look to the bike, just remove the racks and go riding.

I purchased mine from http://www.riderhaus.com

If you're worried about security, there is a key lock available and I believe that there is a top rack for those who need additional storage space.
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Where did you get the cool additional spot lights for the 'Bird. Been looking for ages for something suitable, and howd you wire them?:h


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The lights are PIAA 910s which are the most popular driving lights for riders who participate in long distance endurance rallies in the United States. The actual model number is 9162

The brackets were built by BLM Accessories in Bothell, Washington. Because of the available mounting positions on the XX and the weight of the lights... SOLID mounts are the trickiest part of mounting these lights on the Blackbird. The PIAA lights are also available from BLM Accessories at a very competitive price.


The original design of the brackets was done by Warchild and here's a link to his site where he talks about how the brackets were originally designed and has some nice photos there:


Finally, you'll find everything that you need to know in order to properly wire the lights at this site:


If you have other things drawing power like heated grips, heated vests, etc... you'll have to use PIAA 55W Superwhite bulbs rather than the 110W bulbs that come with the lights as the alternator on the Bird isn't the most powerful one around.

Hope this answers your questions.


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wot no nonfango?

You reckon they fit nonfango but I see no reference to this on the supplier's website.


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Re: wot no nonfango?

Originally posted by XXLarge
You reckon they fit nonfango but I see no reference to this on the supplier's website.

The SW Motech rack system is compatible with the following brands of motorcycle luggage:

Hepco & Becker
Ortlieb QLR-2 Drybags
Z?rges Aluminum Panniers
Custom fit containers, incl. gasoline

There are various Adaptor Kits required to attach sidecases to SW-Motech Quick-Lock Sidecase Racks. For Nonfango luggage, you will need kit #KFT.00.152.135

I don't know the cost of that kit but if you contact Bob Sims at www.riderhaus.com, he will answer any questions that you have and fix you right up with exactly what you need.

He's the best that I've ever dealt with online.