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Dark Angel

Still kickin' it!
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Had me a right gud time!

On Sundi, went to Barny-ard Castle on me own, havin? bin let down by the fair-weather luvvers and rain-fearin? unmentionables on BIRD ? and the can?t-be-arsed-mob on IXXRA.

Set off in the drizzle and it was misty and mucky, riding over the moor tops to Barnard ? but it never rained and it was never ?cold?. My only concern was the amount of crud the bike was picking up off the wet, muddy roads but, hey ? that?s easily remedied?!


Having chased the rain all the way, I wasn't surprised to see wet pavements at Barnard. I stopped just long enough to take a couple of phone pics as I was keen to continue to learn about setting up the TomTom and, I must say, after sorting the pairing with my Cardo headset, the TomTom?s newer technology totally eclipsed the old Garmin 550 I used to have.

Learning how to use the routing software was a little bit challenging at first ? there are several programmes available ? including one that integrates with Google Earth but, having begun to get the hang of things, I?ve found it to be much more accurate; incomparably faster when re-calculating routes if I wander off-track ? and much more user-friendly than the Garmin.


There were some great views to be had ? I?ll be back there when the sun?s shining to enjoy the grandeur of our beautiful countryside.

Eventually, I rode into ever-improving weather until I emerged into glorious sunshine on the homeward leg. I enjoyed myself by deviating from my planned visit to Glasson Dock, opting for some fun through the twisties and arriving home with the inevitable daft grin on me mush ? it?s great to be back on a ?Bird!


Mundi ? had a great time!

Up at six to clean the bike ? breakfast ? then out at 10 am with Mrs DA on a ?twisties run? to Tal-Y-Llyn


Again, the TomTom?s performance was impressive and we arrived home happy and looking forward to MotoGP Le Mans. We leave for France next week and I?ll be taking the camera with a view to re-instating the DAdoodles site so ya can all share me travels if yer like.

That way at least yer won?t ?ave ter geddoff yer arses and act-cherly ride yer bikes, eh? 8rfl@