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Staithes Run

Dark Angel

Still kickin' it!
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More later - gorra get me tea, nar...:-0)​

Dark Angel

Still kickin' it!
Club Sponsor
Deffo one of the fabbest rideouts ? and deffo one of the maddest - with non-standard departures at the beginning (Grant!) and non-standard returns at the end (Maxx2!), no-one could say it was the ?same old same old?.

Post up yer pix and give us a shout that you?re home safe, you lads who turned out?


- and to everyone else - look out fert lass wi? tinsect spray if ya go ?


?she can take a gnat's eye out at 50 paces, so treat her with respect?


?just ask the bloke int background if yer don?t believe me! :-0)


..Now? ?come on?. ?let?s not leave it too long till the next one!



Dark Angel

Still kickin' it!
Club Sponsor
barry harper said:
Good to see old and new faces fantastic day really enjoyed

"New" faces as in "first meeting" - NOT as in "less than 200 years old!" :whi5tl:


You retired wallahs have got it all - you just need ta learn ta smile spontaneously... :-0)