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Discussion in 'Help with all other issues' started by Grey Wolf, Mar 21, 2018.

  1. Grey Wolf

    Grey Wolf Been there, and had one Club Sponsor

    I have a pair of mirror shell i want to try and paint for a project. .Question . Can i use normal spay cans from the likes of halfords . Or do i need special painf with the shells being plastic.
  2. andyBeaker

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    Not sure about the paint but you will definetely need the right type of primer.

    Er, no, I don't....!!
  3. Lee337

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    I sprayed my Bird mirror shells with Holts gloss black.

    First Holts primer (L106c I think), then I think it was 4 coats of Holts gloss black followed by a couple of coats of clear lacquer.

    Rubbed down after each coat & while they don't look exactly professional: first time spraying anything so needed more practice & more time, the results aren't too bad.
  4. slim63

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    Yes you can spray them with cans but you wont find the correct colour in halfrauds, your local paint supplier should be able to match whatever colour it is from the paint code though

    Use plastic primer & rub down between every coat (primer & colour) prep is everything ! ;)

    Do it somewhere warm & dry, in this weather I also warm the paint in warm water, when the last of the colour is almost dry hit it with a light coat of lacquer & let that dry fully before adding more as needed
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  5. Stammo

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    RS Paints stock all BB colours and suitable primer.
    By the time you have bought all the stuff it would be as cheap to ask your local bodyshop to give them a quick blast over.
    Or, have you considered hydro dipping?
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  6. Grey Wolf

    Grey Wolf Been there, and had one Club Sponsor

    Not worried about a match project is for non bird colour
  7. Vinterceptor

    Vinterceptor Been there, and had one Club Sponsor

    I recently painted two mirror pods Black, I used plastic primer then grey primer (don't know if I was supposed to but I did from following a few vids I had seen on Youtube) then gloss black followed by a few clear coats. The black matches the black of the body kit that I fitted to the bike even though it came from Halfrauds. Cost was about £30 and I still have enough left to redo them when I scuff them up again:D. Did a similar job about 6 or 7 years ago with RS bike paint and that cost £70 back then:eek:
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